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June 21, 2015

Mischief at the Office

Friday, June 26 is Take Your Dog to Work Day

Luckily, I've been working from home since 2000. For a long time I worked as a research analyst, and now as a writer. Our girls - angel Bailey, angel Abby, and Rita - have all enjoyed getting to "go to work" with me every day, even if my commute is just to the office down the hall.

We did try taking Bailey to the dog-daddy's work a couple of times -- but only on the weekends when very few other folks were around. 

Good thing too, because the very first time we took her there (the hubs just needed to quickly stop by the office for some files), she sensed immediately that this was some sort of enchanted land. As soon as we opened the door, she took off running. We had her off-leash, assuming she'd just cruise along with us - but no. She had other plans!
Angel Bailey

December 19, 2013

Mirth Watch Thursday: Pet Blogger Gift Exchange Edition - Wag N Woof!

It's that most wonderful time of the year! Time for stressing out about gift-buying and menu-planning and trying to scratch things off your mile long to-do list!

But it's also time for the annual Pet Blogger's Gift Exchange - offering a lovely respite from all that stress. Why, you ask? Isn't a gift exchange just another thing to stress out about? No! Not when you do it like Pamela from Something Wagging This Way Comes and AJ from I Still Want More Puppies, the co-hosts for this year's event. These very wise ladies have come up with a "gift" exchange idea that doesn't involve buying anything! It's all about sharing the gift of "encouragement and blog love."

I was very excited when I was paired with Janet from Wag 'N Woof Pets! If you've never visited their blog, you should go there. Now. (I'll wait.)

Are you back? I mean, how freaking cute is their blog header??

August 13, 2013

Less-Wordy Wednesday: Origins of the Pooch Smooches Name

So... Did you notice the new banner, tagline, and (slightly different) layout?? Whaddya think?

When I finished making the new banner, I realized I should probably update my About Us page, since I didn't mention Bailey on it before. (What a terrible dog-mom I am!)

While I was adding Bailey to the About Us page, I got the idea to post a This Day in History photo today.
Bailey & her fave person, Daddy. Aug. 14, 2009
(Okay, I know I'm posting this on Aug. 13, but Wednesday - as in Wordless Wednesday - is Aug 14, so I'm sharing an Aug 14 shot. Sheeeesh. Technicalities.)