August 22, 2013

Mirth Watch Thursday: Does Your Dog Sing?

I enjoy a singing dog. Sadly, Rita doesn't sing.

Although it almost looks like she's belting out a tune here, using her Himalayan chew as a mic. She's doing her Cindi Pawper impersonation, and yes, this little girl does just wanna have fun:

This was Rita's first Himalayan chew - which I learned is basically a really hard cheese. Sounds a little weird to me, but Rita says, "What's not to like?" Since our motto around here is "Don't be shy with the cheese," we had to get one for her to try.

Sing it, girlfriend!
"Ooo, ooo, oooooo, crazy little thing called love!"

Anyway, Rita's simulated karaoke session with her Himalayan chew gave me the idea of posting a singing dog video. I found this one, where the dog not only sings, it sings "I love you"! I've been trying for years to get our dogs to say "I love you, Momma." The closest I've gotten is one morning when Rita - I swear - said "Momma" when I walked in the room in the morning. (She's not much of a talker, but "says" a few things in the morning when she first gets up.)

Until she gets the "I love you" part down as well, I'll live vicariously through other I-love-you-saying/singing dogs, like Mishka here:

Am I the only one who tries to get their dogs to say (or sing) "I love you"?


  1. My mom had a rescue dog years ago - part cocker, part ? - that, among other things, said I love you. Very clearly :-) Jeffie and Rosie "talk" and Jeffie "sings." Lucy was the real talking dog - very vocal and we carried on "conversations." Rudy says that chew looks delish!

  2. Sampson roos, which I think is fairly close to singing (of course he doesn't do it music.) Delilah tries and Hubby swears that she has done it a couple of times, but mostly she just barks.

    I've never really thought about trying to teach my dogs to talk or sing. :-D

  3. Rita looks quite happy with that chew!

    Wrigs likes to howl along with sirens, and he'll howl along with me with a little encouragement. Other than that, he barks to express himself. When he's resting, sometimes he spontaneously vocalizes in an odd way--kind of a series of mini woofs. I call it his doggy Tourette syndrome. ;-)

    Susan and Wrigs

  4. Sometimes Bailey will get right in Hazel's face and bark and bark till she joins in. Not barking at anything just singing together I guess. Greta doesn't know what to make of it when they do it. I have tried to get a video but by the time I get the camera ready they stop HA HA
    Bailey, Hazel, Greta & Mom

  5. Wilson loves to sing via howling. It takes very little prompting from me to get him going. Poor Jimmy, he tries, but rarely can he figure out how to get a howl going.

  6. Hey Rita,

    I have a feeling an X Factor appearance is in your future! :)

    Have fun,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  7. When Rocco gets a Himalayan chew, he plonks down where ever you give it to him and does not get up till its gone. This is usually 4-5 hours of hard chewing. We have to limit him with those bad boys now. :P

  8. Lovely. The only dogs i have seen in life and online who really seem to belt out a tune have been Huskies. I wonder if it is that they have many wolf characteristics that have been bred out of other dogs. Wolves howl and many modern breeds don't have that ability.

    Poodles don't howl. Misty barks and I mean it is the sound "bark" with a b and a k. Timmy does "arf."

  9. Well, I don't try to get Shiner to say I love you but that's pretty funny. Shiner does do some howling, mostly in her sleep. One of our friends had a husky who could do it like this one.

  10. Mishka is my fantasy dog and I've lost hours to her youtube videos! It's probably a good thing Rita has only muttered "Momma" in private, otherwise crazies (me) would lure her into their houses with a Himalayan chew.

    (Now I'm thinking about a dog-snatching ring where the dogs spill it to the cops...)

    (But a talking dog was worth it, officer!)

  11. Its funny you say she sings,because the picture really is looking like she is singing :)

  12. I've not tried to get any of them to say "I love you" but Hector just DID!! Really, each morning, he would yawn and one of two "phrases" would come out: Either "Hellooooo!" (say in a Mrs. Doubtfire voice!) or "I love you!" A dog that can make you wake up laughing every morning, how special is that? he was one of a kind, but I have noticed that Cooper does the Mrs Doubtfire Hello sometimes!!

  13. Cute. I agree Mischka is amazing. I think Cinnamon attempts to sing but her pitch is slightly off.

  14. Sometimes Mom calls my beautiful howling singing but that would be the extent of it.

  15. I love your motto "Don't be shy with the cheese."


  16. Looks like she is loving it. Have a great day.

  17. Coco would just look at me like I've lost my mind if I were to try that; however, I am superwoman when I walk in the door with a Himalayan Dog Chew.

  18. I love those pictures of Rita! I love when dogs close their eyes when they're chewing something. I know they're lost in the same bliss that I experience when eating dark chocolate. It really does look like she's singing, though. Glad she loved the Himalayan Chews - they're good stuff!
    Our two don't exactly sing... but yes, they will howl and roo. I've never tried to get them to "say" anything, but about every other morning, I instigate a pack howl-fest with them. I start howling, and they join in and howl and only stop when I stop. Sigh... the things we do for our dogs.


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