September 19, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Rita & Ray

Hi everypawdy - it's Rita. My pawrents went to Maui last week and all I got was a trip to The Gulag and this manta ray toy. (Remember I went on that "trial" sleepover to The Gulag, well now I know that "trial" means it's going to happen again!)
Me and my ray, Ray.

Last year they went and brought back a shark for Abby. These are supposed to be "Tuff Toys", but like Momma says, if they spell tough in a cute way, it's probably not super tough. Abby immediately went for the shark's nose and started de-fuffmerizing him.

This is what that shark looks like now: 

Not so tuff now, are you, big guy!

Abby was a destructo-girl. I bet my ray will look way nicer in a year than her shark. Anyway, it's supposed to be wordless Wednesday, so I better shut up. I'll tell you more about my vacation banishment to The Gulag soon!


  1. The Gulag has to better than a strange kennel though, right?

    And the ray looks cool!

    Still, I'd much rather be in Maui too!

    Christie from

  2. Hey Rita

    Glad they came back and at least they brought you a pressie - my humans never bring me one back, well they did once, but come on every time would be better!!

    Have fun buddy,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  3. That shark didn't stand a chance!

  4. When we got a puppy, he played with stuff toys the way dogs were meant to and then Rodrigo (he's 2) showed him the "right" way to play with the toys and there was stuffing everywhere and the puppy was having a blast.


  5. We had that manta ray toy ended up like your shark toy. I don't think there are any tough plush toys out there. I think I'll stick with our KONGS.

  6. Went to Maui w/out you? For shame!! But getting toys is always fun!


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