September 5, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Treats?

Rita got a new name tag:

In case you can't see it that well, it says "Insert Treat" with an arrow pointing up at her adorable little hungry face. (We got it from Dog Tag Art; they have a lot of fun options!)

Cute, eh? Of course, we ordered it before we found out that she has panosteitis and needs to lose a few pounds, so we might have to ease up on inserting the treats. I'm pretty sure no matter what, she'll still manage to wheedle some treats out of us! Rita says, "Dieting bites!"


  1. Such a sweet girl! She looks hungry and annoyed! Poor Rita. Rocket says: he'll skip a treat in her honor! {maybe}

  2. Love the tag and adore the dog. I just want to hug her she looks so sweet.


  3. Happy BlogPaws hop and we have this tag, too. Love Dog Tag Art!

  4. Carrots make great treats! Or cucumber slices, tomatoes, cantaloupe and they are low in calories!

    Love that tag - pretty funny!

  5. LOL cute and funny tag! I hopped on your blog via Blog Paws Wordless Wednesday Blog hop! Happy Wordless Wednesday! :)


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