January 4, 2012

For Your Consideration

My friend, Karen, put together an Oscar-worthy short film to celebrate Abby's fourteen month ampuversary. You may recall that I refer to her first two lung mets (a.k.a. "lung mints" on the Tripawd's site - hence the film's title) as Boris and Natasha.

Okay, Oscar voters - here it is; for your consideration, I give you: The Mints

Isn't that hysterical?? I think it is the best film ever made. Karen found the Boris & Natasha ornaments while going through some old family Christmas stuff, and of course she immediately thought of Abby's lung "mints."

In other news, my nephew's girlfriend graciously offered to do a photo shoot with us. (Thanks again, Tee!) Of course, Abby came out looking great in all of them. She's not a super model for nuthin'. Here is my fave shot of the three of us. (As you can see, the weather was terrible here on New Year's Day!)

And here is another one that I think is super sweet: (Abby LOVES her some tummy rubs!)
I'm so glad we were able to get the pictures done. That would have been a big regret of mine, if we didn't manage to get a really good picture of the three of us together before it's, ya know..., too late...

In other BIG news, next week on the 11th, Abby is going to get to meet Wyatt Ray - the official Tripawd's spokesdog. Wyatt Ray belongs to the folks who started Tripawds. They lost their beloved Jerry (the "original" Tripawd and reason the whole Tripawd's site was started) to osteosarcoma, but now have Wyatt. Wyatt is a back leg amp. He does not have cancer (Hooray!) but is a tripawd due to the mean people (I just want to interject here that mean people suck) who left him tied up and never paid attention to him. Luckily that former life is way behind him. He is livin' the good life now! We can't wait to meet him. He is actually coming to Fiesta Island to meet Abby!

We are also going to meet this guy maniac. Isn't he cute frightening?!

We are excited trepidatious. If we survive, I'll post pics next week. :)


  1. The pictures came out super nice. And, yes, it was a gorgeous day here!

  2. LOVE THE PICTURES!!!!!!!! Love the video, of course! And love that you are getting to host a tripawd party! Because we know, you are going to be the "hostess with the mostess"!

    FYI Abby....those boy dogs are crazy!!! So, I say if you don't like them, well you don't have to be nice! Boys are weird anyway.

    Your pal in LV (Yep, MB's mom)

  3. You get to meet Wyatt AND Bernie?!? Wow! You must be some kind of special! Take some video, because I want to know if the stories about Bernie are just a myth...


  4. Abby, I just loved the mints video. You are a busy gal....all these dates with famous boys!! Don't forget, that three date rule is just for humans!

    Nancy, Butchey & Lola (aka Queen MonkeyButt)

  5. We can't wait either, and are just as trepidatious about the Ray Dawg v. Bin Laden rematch! ;-)


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