January 7, 2012

Life's a Beach

Abby had a really good day at the beach yesterday. Here are some pics of the highlights:
Running to greet Dakota!
She found a good stick.
She got a new toy from Dakota's mom

Rolling in stinky stuff is fun!
Best Friends

Today we went to a little park near our house. She had a good time there as well, meeting a pugle and watching the surfers enjoy the large surf we've been having.

"Hello little pugle"

Enjoying the surf...
...and watching the birds

It was a good time. There was the part though where a complete stranger had to hug me. For those of you that don't know me IRL*, I'm okay with hugging people if I know it's going to happen, but am completely awkward about hugs when there's that Are We Going To Hug/Are We Not Going To Hug? thing that happens upon first seeing each other. Those of you that know me IRL are probably going "OMG, she let a stranger hug her? And I can barely get her to hug me?" Anyway, here's how the hug incident happened: as soon as we hit the park, this woman walked over to us and asked me how long Abby had been a tripawd. I told her almost 15 months and she asked how it happened. When I said, "cancer," she said, "oh, how's she doing with that?" :(  It was nice of her to hug me, although I was kinda expecting just a pat on the shoulder and suddenly she's hugging me and not letting go... Luckily another woman came over to meet Ab, which broke it up.

In other hug news, I got a nice bear hug from Dr. V. at Ab's appointment yesterday. (I knew it was coming so, again, that's okay... He hugs you if you cry at the appointment.) He loves Abby. (His whole staff does. They sent me a nice email afterwards saying how much they all love her.) Anyway, at her appointment we had a nice talk. He said how proud he is of us and how well we've done with the fight. He said that Abby has changed lives (that's for sure), and said he can think of at least three of his patients who were going to just put their dogs down when they got the osteosarcoma diagnosis, but decided instead to go ahead with the amp and treatment because he showed them Abby's videos and told them about her and how great she's done. He said this part at the end is the worst part of his job and he doesn't know how much longer he can do it. (Going to need to send him a card about that - cuz he's really good at his job, so he should keep doing it!)

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that Abby is doing pretty well. The Prednisone seems to be helping already and she had a good night - slept the whole night through and her coughing is much less than it was before. Her breathing is starting to seem better, and it really must have been as she didn't get up and move around in the night like she had the night before.

This morning on our way back from the park, I stopped at the store and got her some steak, pork products (bacon and chops) and a box of Frosty Paws. (I also got myself some mint chip... don't want her to have to eat all that comfort food alone...) She very much enjoyed her pork chop breakfast. Tonight, we dine on Flying Dutchmen!

Before I forget - I want to thank everyone for the wonderful emails and the messages on the blog and on Facebook and on the Tripawds forums. It is nice to know how much everyone loves our girl. The support really does mean so much to us.

* IRL = In Real Life - as opposed to my virtual life where I have made so many great friends online via Tripawds. I give hugs all the time, virtually. And I even receive them with no awkwardness. :)


  1. Ah, yes. The wonders of predisone. So glad it helped. Your story about Dr. V made me think of my sister, the pediatric oncology nurse. She has the hardest time when they lose a "poster child of cancer", that child that really has a great attitude and fight and is inspiring to others. I'm sure Abbey is Dr. V's "poster dog of cancer"! And I'm sure he would really appreciate any recognition of how hard his profession is. D

  2. Looks like she's having good days. And I think you should definitely let Dr V know how wonderful he has been and to keep up the good work! He has a very tough job. Kisses to Abby!

  3. Mmmmmm....pork chops for breakfast....oh lucky and so well loved grrrrl! Sending you all our love!
    The Oaktown Pack+1

  4. Love the pictures! Glad the prednisone is helping :-) I'm not good with hugs either ;-) Keep fighting Abby!

  5. Sending you a virtual belly rub Sweet Abby!! I am glad to hear the prednison is working.

    I don't know how the vets do their jobs, but I am thankful that they do. I am so glad to hear Abby has inspired other pawrents. A true warrior princess!

  6. So happy to hear Abby is having good days. Sending our love and positive thoughts your way.
    Diane, John, Linda & Bernie

  7. Jackie,
    I'm so sorry to read this about Abby...but I am VERY glad the prednisone is helping her and you and she are having a good time 'in the moment'..
    Hugs to you,

    Tracy & Maggie

  8. Goodbye our dearest Abby. We will miss you.
    MB's Mom


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