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June 17, 2012

Help Me Pick a Pic?

I got some author photos done the other day, with the fabulous Theresa Hayes. I was afraid I'd be scrambling to find one I like (I usually hate photos of myself - that's generally why I'm always wielding the camera at our house), but she took so many good ones, I can't decide which one I like best.

But First.... Rita's 1st Birthday!
"I got a stuffed eel!"
Before we get to the photos, I just want to give a shout-out to our sweet pup for her first birthday! We have no idea when her birthday actually is, but it's roughly somewhere in the month of June, so we decided it would be June 16. I'll do a full post on her bday later this week, once we have the complete b-day weekend fully documented with photos. (Flying Dutchman tonight will be the culmination of the celebrations!)

She got a stuffed eel, which she seems to enjoy.

Back to the photos...
I'm going to use these in a lot of places - my web site, Facebook, Twitter account, etc. - but the most important one to select is the one for the back of the print version of What the Dog Ate. Wanna help me pick which one goes on the book?

Some of you have already commented on my personal Facebook page, but if you want to help me decide, please leave a comment! (Note - these are not the full resolution versions, so they might look a little grainy here, but they are wonderfully clear in the "real" versions.)

So... we've got three of just me:
Me alone, option 1
Me alone, option2
Me alone, option3
And three with me and Rita:
Me & Rita, 1
Me & Rita,2

Me & Rita, 3
What do you think? I need your help, so please leave a comment with your fave. Which of these says, "This is a nice person. You'll like her book."??

May 4, 2012

Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

Happy Cinco de Mayo-Eve. As you can see, our Margarita Rita is ready to celebrate!
Cinco de Mayo is a funny "holiday." Much like St. Patrick's Day, it's one of those days where Americans make a much bigger deal about it than the folks in the country of origin. And it's not Mexican Independence Day, like many Americans think it is. (That's actually in September, and it passes with barely a Corona being raised in salute.) Cinco de Mayo is a remembrance of the Battle of Puebla. But at any rate, it's as good an excuse as any (as if we need an excuse around our house!) to have a margarita (or two), so we will definitely be participating in the celebrations on Saturday.

Rita says, "Just don't over-celebrate!"

I entered the photo above of Rita (the one where she's sniffing the bottle with that "It smells like...home" face) in a little Facebook photo contest for "Cinco de Meow" (oddly named since it's almost all dogs. Plus a turkey. Or a really ugly dog...). She's so funny. She was asleep, so I set the bottle down next to her, thinking she'd get up and walk away, but nope - she struck these two funny poses. Maybe she has a little of her angel sister Abby's modeling ways in her! Anyway, if she wins we are donating our winnings to Tripawds. Right now she's in 1st place so hopefully she'll win and the Tripawds coffers will be $100 richer!

A Reminder
Don't forget, you have until Friday May 11 to leave a comment on my friend's blog and be entered for a chance to win a copy of What the Dog Ate.

Have a happy Cinco de Mayo! Don't overdo it!

January 4, 2012

For Your Consideration

My friend, Karen, put together an Oscar-worthy short film to celebrate Abby's fourteen month ampuversary. You may recall that I refer to her first two lung mets (a.k.a. "lung mints" on the Tripawd's site - hence the film's title) as Boris and Natasha.

Okay, Oscar voters - here it is; for your consideration, I give you: The Mints

Isn't that hysterical?? I think it is the best film ever made. Karen found the Boris & Natasha ornaments while going through some old family Christmas stuff, and of course she immediately thought of Abby's lung "mints."

In other news, my nephew's girlfriend graciously offered to do a photo shoot with us. (Thanks again, Tee!) Of course, Abby came out looking great in all of them. She's not a super model for nuthin'. Here is my fave shot of the three of us. (As you can see, the weather was terrible here on New Year's Day!)

And here is another one that I think is super sweet: (Abby LOVES her some tummy rubs!)
I'm so glad we were able to get the pictures done. That would have been a big regret of mine, if we didn't manage to get a really good picture of the three of us together before it's, ya know..., too late...

In other BIG news, next week on the 11th, Abby is going to get to meet Wyatt Ray - the official Tripawd's spokesdog. Wyatt Ray belongs to the folks who started Tripawds. They lost their beloved Jerry (the "original" Tripawd and reason the whole Tripawd's site was started) to osteosarcoma, but now have Wyatt. Wyatt is a back leg amp. He does not have cancer (Hooray!) but is a tripawd due to the mean people (I just want to interject here that mean people suck) who left him tied up and never paid attention to him. Luckily that former life is way behind him. He is livin' the good life now! We can't wait to meet him. He is actually coming to Fiesta Island to meet Abby!

We are also going to meet this guy maniac. Isn't he cute frightening?!

We are excited trepidatious. If we survive, I'll post pics next week. :)