January 29, 2012

Celebrating a Missed Ampuversary

Today would have been Abby's 15 Month Ampuversary. It makes us sad, as this is the first one since she passed, but luckily we have our funny little Bunny to help us turn the day into a celebration.

What would an ampuversary be without a trip to Fiesta Island? This is her second visit there. When we went last week, she barely got her toes wet, but today she was in there a lot. It looks like she might turn into a swimmer some day - which would have to be the shepherd in her, because I never knew a beagle that swam!

And what else would you eat on an ampuversary besides a Flying Dutchman??
Her first (that we know of...) Flying Dutchman!

It was a hit!

You got a little somethin' on yer nose there... (it's cheese!)

Pretty sure BunnyRita will be getting a Dutchman at least once a month in Abby's honor. She's a very lucky girl.

All this fun can be exhausting!
And, yes, for those of you who have been to my house, she is sleeping on the "good" pillows on the "good" couch - something even our oh-so-beloved Abby didn't get to do! Not sure what Angel Abby thinks, looking down on that!

Happy Ampuversary to our Angel Ab, and thanks to Bunny Rita for making us smile so much today!


  1. Jackie,
    I've been thinking about you guys today and wishing Angel Abby a happy ampuversary at the bridge. I'm glad BunnyRita loves the Flying Dutchman! Celebrating every month is a great way to honor Abby!

  2. I'm glad the little lady is settling in. I know how hard it must be, and I'm glad she is there helping to make it easier. It's good that you can help each other.


  3. Oh BunnyBooBaby! I haven't told you all day that I loved you! I love you!

    I wanted to lick that piece of cheese off your nose...and not just because I love cheese but because I would love to kiss you!

    I loved watching your video! I would eat seaweed with you any day!

    It warms my heart to know you are making your pawrents happy on this sad day. You warm my heart EVERYDAY because you are prettiest girl EVER!

    Bye for now Smooooky!
    MBBunny Vampire Pirate

  4. Ohhhh man, what a lucky girl!

    Our Wyatt Ray gets to lay on the bed now, without even a sheet covering the beadspread. My pawrents never let ME do that!

    Sheesh. These younger kids get all the breaks!

    Looks like a fun time, we're so hoppy to hear you smiling in your writing!

  5. It looks like a lovely time was had by all. BunnyRita is a very lucky girl. Kisses to Angel Abby as well!

  6. Awww, I'm glad that she had a good time at Fiesta Island and got to enjoy her first Flying Dutchman! Celebrating every month is an awesome way to remember Angel Abby.



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