January 6, 2012

A Couple of Days? A Week?

Abby took a big turn for the worse yesterday afternoon. She has been coughing off and on for a while now (a dry hacking cough that seemed like there was something stuck in her throat). Recently it has become more frequent. Yesterday she started to have trouble breathing as well. It is especially bad when she lays down on her side, so we had a not-too-restful night since she was up a couple of times.

We went to see Dr. V. this a.m. The mets are now the size of softballs and the only thing he could do is send us home with some prednisone. He was very sad.

If she was not so darn spunky still, today probably would have been The Day. But even with the problems breathing, she still seems so happy and not ready to quit. Her appetite is still pretty good (for her anyway - she's never been a chow hound). She wolfed down her dinner last night and ate about 10 cookies at Dr. V's office this a.m. She was kissing the other dogs and people at the office. She still wags her tail and chases bugs and shadows and barks when trucks drive by. She still plays with her toys.

There is a lot more to say but that will be for another post. Today I'm taking her to the beach. Even if she can't walk super far, I know she'll love going down there. Tonight or tomorrow we'll go get a Flying Dutchman. Hopefully the prednisone will make it easier for her to breathe and she will have a few more really good days.


  1. I'm sorry, Jackie. As you've advised so many before, take your cues from Abby. Never underestimate the value of chasing bugs. Truly it is the little things that are worthwhile in life.


  2. Jackie and Abby, we can't even say how we really feel here because that would involve swear words and my comment would probably get spammed.

    All I can say that's not a four letter word is, I'm just so sorry.

    This is the moment by moment time that we all prepare for. Make the most of it. As long as she is eating and happy, it's not The Day, not yet.

    We are here for you.

  3. Jackie and Abby,

    We are chanting and doing the hound song...that Abby's days are easy, peaceful and full of lovins.

    Biggest Hugs,
    Karen and Miss Pegz

  4. Jackie and Abby,
    You are being way braver than I could ever be.
    Please give her lots of kisses from us.
    -your pal in LV

  5. Oh $#*t! My heart just fell to my stomach. I'm so sorry,Jackie.

    Enjoy every moment with your special girl. Give her kisses & hugs from us.

    Jenna, Noah, Juli, Finchy & Ryan

  6. We are just so sad here at Abby's home-away-from-home. Damned "mints!" Stubs sends his love to all of you, and Aunt Terry is feeling ever so lucky and grateful to have received about 3 dozen Abby kisses just yesterday. Thanks, little girl!
    All our love,
    T, J & Lou

  7. capture the moments. take every molecule in, relish every smell, every taste, every color you see. memorize the simplest of things - it's these memories that will stand out. i can close my eyes and be with jane or with gayle in a heartbeat. you will never be without abby, she is part of you. love never ends.

  8. This is so sad news =(
    but we can still think that Abby is the miracle pup, and i won't think of she leaving us soon, i'm sure that we will have abby from looooong time more...
    Cheer up!

  9. Jackie, I'm so sorry that the mets are causing your sweet Abby discomfort. I remember well the day when I first put my boy on prednisone. I was blessed as it brought him much time and comfort. I pray the same for you and your girl. You both are truly special and your strength and courage are an inspiration to many. Cherish the time and relish those quiet and still moments where love, truth and peace reside.

    My thoughts and prayers,



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