January 19, 2012

Home Again

We picked up Abby's ashes today from the vet's office. Mike went with me on his lunch break, so that was good because I really didn't want to go alone. When we took her in for that last appointment, we said we wanted her cremated and that we wanted the ashes back. That was pretty much it for the discussion of such matters. So, when they called to say she was ready to pick up, we were expecting ... I dunno, a cardboard box I guess. But we were so touched when we picked her up - she's in this lovely cedar box (just like the one we bought for Bailey's ashes, only a bit bigger). It even has her name carved into the top of it. And they also gave us a clay imprint of her paw. It's the sweetest thing. It even has a couple of her hairs stuck in it - which is perfect because she was always such a hairy thing! If you even thought about petting her, seventy-five hairs would fall off of her, drift over, and stick to whatever you were wearing.

My good friend from Tripawds made us this lovely video of Abby. It includes some of my favorite pictures of her - some of them will hopefully even make you smile. I'm sure we'll watch this over and over again.

I think my favorite part is when she barks at me after trying to steal my socks. Boy she could be pushy when she wanted to play!

We sure miss her. She was so full of life; it's too quiet around here.


  1. I watched that video. It was very sweet! And it was VERY nice of Dr. Marvil's office to do that for you.

  2. I'm so sad, i still can' beleive she's gone... Was an inspiration for me and for Rocky, i'll always remember her when i see my dog, for the time he can be with me, from this moment i'll think about Abby every day. She and my Rocky are the same, she'll live in all the tripawds all over the world!

  3. That is a wonderful video!! Same with us with Dannie's ashes but no hair!!


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