November 8, 2016

Running Negative Splits With the Dog

If you don't run or swim competitively, you might not know what negative splits are. (No, they're not banana splits minus the banana.) A negative split is when you try to complete the second half of your workout/race in less time than it took to do the first half.

Normally, you're nice and fresh for the first half, so that's your faster half - but not if you run with Rita. Rita always seems to want to run a negative split.
My adorable running partner. (Note the sandy nose.)

Rita takes a while to get warmed up! Here she is lagging behind me on our way out:

I spend the first half of our runs going "Come on!" "Let's go!" "Run, missy!"

But when we turn for home - suddenly it's full steam ahead!

It works out well, since she helps drag me home when I'm tired! 

I think it's solely because she gets a treat when we finish.
"Is it treat time yet?"

Maybe if I brought treats for myself, too, I'd run faster on the way back as well.

Note: we're taking a wee break again so I might not get around to visit y'all this week! We'll be back on schedule next week!

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  1. Rita sounds like a barn-sour horse. Always speeding up when the turn toward home is made!

  2. Enjoy your break. Cassius just goes full steam ahead all of the time. We kid that he has two speeds - stop and go.

  3. We know what you mean about the dog pulling you in the home stretch. Our office dog, Drake, does this too! It is probably the "treat motivator"!

  4. Maybe you should run toward home on the first part of your run...wait, that wouldn't work.

  5. It must be all about going home!
    Mr bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  6. You go, Rita! Negative splits rock. I think she's just getting you ready for racing season, lol. But I've noticed that Seriously also perks up the last couple of miles of a run, when she realizes that we're almost finished. Sometimes she lags and I feel guilty that I've forced her beyond her endurance limits. Then we hit the last few miles and she pours on the speed and I can't keep up, lol. It's great running with a dog, isn't it? It's kind of the best.

  7. I think bringing treats for yourself is a good idea anyway. :)
    Our beagle Kobi used to be the same way on walks. He'd poke along on the first half, smelling everything, but on the way home he'd be highly motivated (I think he was worse when it was close to suppertime so you might be onto something there).

  8. I always thought negative splits should be reserved for Lyft rides. 😇 LOL Happy trails.

  9. That is one reason my mom loves running with dogs. We also love charging hills which helps humans motivate to run hills.

  10. If I'm running, something is chasing me! I could never keep up with my dogs. I am glad that you and Rita are such good running partners.

  11. Haha she knows when she's headed in the right direction!

  12. hello rita its dennis the vizsla dog hay sorry i got sidetrakd reeding this wuz their a banana split or not??? wuz it running away is that why yoo wer chaysing it??? ok bye

  13. LOL - my horse does the same thing. Thankfully I'm riding!

    Monty, Harlow, and Ramble

  14. LOL Rita knows where the treats are! Thunder is sort of the same way. As we are leaving for a walk, he constantly looks back toward the house, but when we turn toward home, he is all excited. He does not get a treat though. Maybe he is a homebody? Probably he thinks he will miss something.


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