September 16, 2014

Less Wordy Wed.: Pups in Their New Homes

Remember ages ago when we had (wool) puppies for sale on the blog? [As as aside... those adorable little corgis were the only ones that didn't sell. So if anyone needs a felted tail-less (sorry Taryn) corgi....]

Today for Wordless (or as I like to call it "Slightly Less-Wordy") Wednesday, I thought I'd show you pics of a couple of them in their furever homes. Er... wait - their woolever homes?? Hmm. That doesn't work. Okay, in their new homes!

Remember our little Muttly?

Well, here she is with her Maxi Me, Athena! Aren't they cute together?
Athena & MiniMe Muttly (photo stolen from my pal's Facebook page)

And there was this sweet little beagle.... Remember him?

He went to live with angel Fred's momma. (If anybody remembers Baba Hoohoo, he went to live with Baba Hoohoo! Anybody??)

The adorable angel Fred (photo courtesy of my pal)

Okay - a little history for anyone who wasn't here (or needs reminding!). I started this blog because our angel Abby had bone cancer. On her cancer journey, I made some really great virtual friends, who I'm still friends with cuz it's quite the bond to go through your dogs' cancer journeys together. One of those friends was the momma of Chili Dawg. 

Ages ago, we made a Chili Dawg for his momma. (He was a three-legger, like our Abby.) It was Chili's mom that bought the beagle, as a present for her mom, Baba Hoohoo (who once won a giveaway I did, which is why you might remember her name. I mean, it's a pretty awesome and unforgettable nickname, right?).

Anyway, before felted Fred went to live with Baba Hoohoo, felted Chili and felted Fred had a moment together.
Chili kissing Fred. (photo courtesy of my pal)
Chili's mom said that Chili actually used to do this. So sweet. (And then he would use his head to roll Fred onto his back like a turtle, to make Fred pay for herding Chili around. Too funny.)

Thanks to my pals for letting me use their pics today! And thanks to you readers for letting me be a little wordy again. (Sorry - can't help it!)

Thanks to BlogPaws for hosting Wordless Wednesday!


  1. Cute! Cute! And cute! Felt some tails onto those wrong corgis and maybe someone will want them. :)

  2. :-) on your Wordy WED. They look big but for sure they are small ... Happy Wednesday. Golden Woofs

  3. I LOVE my felted Chili Dawg. He gets so many compliments when we have guests over at our house :-)

  4. Those are just great. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  5. You did such a great job on those doggies, ours momma doggies are still in the cabinet WAITING on hers to get brave enuf to finish may take awhile.
    stella rose

  6. I luv the pic of felted Chili kissing felted Fred - that is So adorable! It's ok to be a bit wordy on WW!
    Love & Biscuits,
    Cathy, Isis & Phoebe

  7. Thanks for sharing the photos of your pals..I love those little felt doggies...

  8. So cute. Gald they found good homes. :)

  9. I adore those little guys. And they are the perfect RV size. LOL

  10. What a sweet story and we love the woolies! Love Dolly

  11. The felted dogs are so cute! I want one of Mr. N lol.

  12. What a cute post, it had me tearing up, very special.

  13. Awwwww! Those wool dogs are so cool! I imagine it takes plenty of hours to make one.

  14. Love those mini pooches!


  15. Oh, they're so cute, and I'm so glad your little woolies found such good homes! What a sweet story of Chili and Fred.

  16. Those little minis are just too adorable!

  17. Just goes to show you - there's a home for everyone!

  18. These are really adorable! It would be hard to keep them out of Charlie/Harley mouths!!

  19. So cute I love felted art
    Retro rover


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