July 28, 2014

Monday Mischief: Good & Bad Mischief

Good Mischief
This weekend we had a lovely family brunch at my bro's house.

The food was to-die for (and possibly from due to the cholesterol impact). Two words: candied bacon! Everything was SO yummy. (There were also lemon-blueberry mini muffins and shortbread cookies, not pictured. Plus adult beverages.)

Here's the mischief maker.... Leo, my nephew. It's easy to get a little nibble of the leftovers from your aunt when your chin rests on the table. :)

My bro and sis-in-law call their house "Casa de Babbas" - or "House of Drool" cuz of this big boy. (Note slight drool mark on tablecloth. Also note this was all after we were done eating. He was a very good boy while we ate and we naughty aunts encouraged this mischief!)
More mischief was afoot when Leo stole my brother-in-law's spot on the couch as soon as he stood up. (Note drool rag attached to collar.)
It was so funny - he just lumbered over and backed his hind end right up onto the sofa.

Bad Mischief
Last night the hubs and I decided to take Rita for a short walk around the 'hood. We went on a route we often take. We were just about to our turn-around spot when a huge German shepherd came flying down his driveway and across the street at us. He had Rita in his sights, man, and I (like a ninny) kinda froze in fear. Thank God the hubs was there! He got in between us and the charging dog, but couldn't stop him.

The shepherd grabbed Rita, throwing both his front legs around her, and scratching me in the process and throwing me into some trashcans (but I managed to stay on my feet at least). The hubs was able to grab his collar and yank him off Rita. Luckily, the only boo-boo was the scratch on my leg, and the near heart attack I had.

At least the woman came out and apologized profusely and made sure Rita wasn't bit. But it sucks cuz it's another set-back on getting Rita to be non-reactive on leash. AND it freaks me out because I keep wondering what would have happened if the hubs wasn't there. And he's not there on like 70% of our walks. Ugh. Not good.

Not Mischief!
In non-mischief news, I'm over on fellow author Martha Reynolds' blog today. Stop by if you have a sec. I talk (briefly!) about fave authors and my routine. I'm also giving away an ebook of What the Dog Ate via Raffelcopter from there!

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  1. That's horrible! Poor Rita, poor you! How scary. Glad the outcome was not worse, but I do imagine it will be a big setback for Rita.

  2. Wow that looked like some very yummy foodables. Sorry to read about the dog going for Rita. At least you didn't fall but still the scratches are not nice. Thankfully you had hubby with you. Have a marvellous Monday.
    Best wishes Molly

  3. I'm glad you and Rita are OK (well physically at least)! I would step up the counter conditioning for a few weeks. Mr. N has also had several near attacks and it's probably my biggest fear for him. After he almost got attacked by a pit bull, I was super on edge every time we were out for a week or two.

  4. It's hard to believe when this happens that it's the first time the dog has ever charged at another dog. Why can't people learn to get professional help in training a dog if they are going to be off leash? As you say it could have been worse, but it should not have happened.

  5. Hey Jackie, Candied bacon, that sounds slo yummy. I can almost smell and taste that one! On another note, so happy to hear you and Rita are doing okay. So happy Hubs was with you, hugs to Rita from Harley.

  6. OHMYPUG candied bacons wesa nevers even heard of that and we live in the United States of Pigs (iowa) we are also glad that Rita is okay. How scary for you mom and thank goodness dad handled it so well. We are sorry that happened to you all.
    stella rose

  7. poor poor Rita how scary! your cousin is also too cute for words

    retro rover

  8. Mom says that stuff always happens when she just wants to go out real quick, forgets her phone, or is in a rush. Sounds terrible and we would be scared to go by there again!

  9. OMG poor YOU and poor Rita! I worry about things like that with Dakota all of the time. I would have been terrified!!!!! I am glad your husband was there, that woman should have never had her dog loose like that!! Thank God you are ok! On a bright note: "candied bacon" YUM!!!

  10. That really sucks, and thank goodness everyone is OK. It had to be so scary having that dog charging at you all, and I worry about things like that happening when I walk alone (also most of the time) with the dogs. I tend to panic.
    On your good mischief....OK, thanks, now I'm starving! That food looked so good! And wow, that Leo sure is a big boy! He definitely looks like a big baby though.

  11. Glad that you are all OK, that had to have been scary.
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Greta

    love your cousin!

  12. Oh wow! Glad nobody got seriously hurt. How scary!

  13. Yikes! Glad that situation didn't end badly - although it was bad enough! Sheesh! I stopped walking in the neighborhood a long time ago because of things like that. I know not everyone has the option to drive a short distance to a nearby park or desert area like I do. I don't know what I would do if I wasn't able to do that. Even in those areas Blueberry has had her fair share of dogs running up to her (thankfully they haven't tried to take her down like that dog did to Rita) - but it's still very disconcerting. I suppose maybe carrying a stick or pepper spray would be in order?

  14. That sucks when you can't take a nice Sunday evening walk without problems. One of my fears too - other people's lack of control over their dogs. At least you had a good brunch it seems!

  15. Honey is like your nephew. She looks very unladylike with drips of saliva landing on your foot while we eat.

    Sorry about your experience. Hopefully Rita was not too traumatized.

    I am very thankful, however, that the person recognized how awful it was to lose control of her dog and that she apologized. Hopefully she won't let it happen again.

  16. A drool cloth! Why didn't I think of that? Sometimes Storm starts drooling then she gets the shoestrings (drool going down on both sides). When that happens, I can't look at her while I eat otherwise I lose my appetite. LOL

    Sorry to hear about your crazy walk. :( I am glad no one was seriously injured! I am thankful that the owner came over to check on everyone after the incident happened. Sometimes the owners just sit there and watch... and do nothing (which drives me bonkers!).

  17. Here I was all smiley and focused on the magnificent Leo and candied bacon... then, WHAM, that awful story about the attack! OMD! So glad none of you were badly inured, but a heck of a note for poor Rita. Jeffie sez Rita should come walk with us... zero neighbor dogs!

  18. OMG!! I always carry a can of pepper spray with me... I'm so glad you and Rita are okay.

  19. I'm with Sue, I was loving the dog story and then BAM!! I'm shocked! I also carry pepper spray but recently have begun thinking about carrying something along the lines of a billy club. OR this was suggested to me by animal control....and air horn. It should bring help and possibly scare off the dog as well.

  20. oh my so sorry you guys and rita had to go through that. I hope rita is alright and not scared, or you for that fact.

  21. hello pooch smooches its dennis the vizsla dog hay reely i do not unnerstand why it is so hard for peepul to keep there dogs under kontrol!!! we hav so menny of them running arownd owr nayborhud that mama duznt eeven try to tayk me for wawks ennymore becuz i wood hav a total freekowt if ennything like wot happend to yoo and rita happend to me!!! ok bye

  22. Oh my gosh how scary. I worry about that too when I walk Freighter. Hubby keeps telling me to take a heeling stick with me on my walks, but I have resisted. I think maybe I should do that and get some pepper spray. Glad there were no physical injuries.


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