August 9, 2013

Follow-Up Friday: Pixie and Pics Edition

It's another Follow-Up Friday - a chance to answer those questions and follow up on the news!

Fixin' Pixie's Mischief
On Monday's post, I showed you the mischief my friend's pup, Pixie, had gotten up to, tearing mini angel Rio limb from limb.
Mischief Maker, Pixie
Flea of Jone's Natural Chews asked "How on earth do you put that back together?"

It's not really that hard. (Way easier than making it in the first place!) Basically, you just need a foam block to work on:

...And a special barbed needle for felting (if you click to enlarge you might be able to see the barbs):
And then you put the parts back in place and start stabbing! It's a lotta stabbing. And you try not to stab yourself!
 And here she is, more or less good as new!
The original Mini Rio when she was NEW
And the re-assembled Mini Rio
One of these days I'll try to post a full-on tutorial about how to needle felt a dog, if folks are interested.

A Passel o' PicMonkey Pics
Wednesday, I told you of my love for PicMonkey and posted a ton of photo-fun.

Terry, my sis - who does not blog so I have no linkage for her - asked, "Can you use it for just regular photo editing (cropping, sharpening, etc.)?" And Jan of Wag 'N Woof Pets said " does sound like it will do everything photo software does? You can save the things you make to your computer, right?"

Yes, it does all the usual editing type stuff. And, yes, when you're done, you save the edited photo on your own computer. I can't really say if it does everything photo software does, as I've never used actual software before. One thing you can't do is cut an image out of one photo (like your dog's head) and overlay it on another (like on the cover of my book). If I want to do something like that, I use "Paint" and then if I want to mess with the image some more, I open it in PicMonkey.

On Facebook, my friend noted my complaint about not being able to easily make the text color match the frame color. Thanks to her comment and me messing with it and then emailing PicMonkey, well... I found out it was operator error on my part. You CAN just input the color code when you get to the text input section. So, now my text will match my frame. :)
Also Anne of My Pawsitively Pets left a comment explaining how I can get my frames/text to match my blog theme colors exactly. I'm going to have to read it another 7 or 8 times but I think I can manage that!

A Car for my Canine
Yesterday, I asked for car-buying advice and there were lots of helpful comments. The Toyota RAV4 seemed a popular choice, and since we've had good luck with 3 Toyotas in the past, we'll definitely check that out. We have lots of research to do! It might be a little while, but when we decide I'll let you know!

Thanks to Jodi from Heart Like a Dog and Linda from 2 Brown Dawgs for co-hosting Follow-Up Friday!


  1. Great follow up. Have a fabulous Friday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Glad to see mini-Rio back together again! :-)

  3. My mom went to picmonkey but it told her that it was not compatible with her internet....phewy!
    stella rose

  4. Woof-hoo! Great follow up. PicMonkey stumps us every once in a while. We use Adobe Photoshop often, especially to determine the proper colors that match my blog colors.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Please do the tutorial. I'm totally unfamiliar with "felting" as a verb.

  6. Great follow up! You really have such an amazing talent with that felting!

  7. So glad you could fix the mini me. Felting looks so cool to me.

  8. Glad you've got it back together again! PLEASE post the tutorial on how to felt a dog! I'd LOVE to know how to do that!

  9. Great fuf and glad to see rio back in action.

  10. Upps...the power of photos. We thought that broken dog was life sized and then there it was in your hand! Glad it is back alive no matter what the size! Remember the German quality when you search for your new car...just a personal opinion :) We love our VW's.

  11. Glad Mini Rio is all better! Have a great weekend.

  12. It's always a great idea to keep sewing needles around when you have dogs, isn't it? Mini Rio looks like he's never been torn apart to begin with!

  13. That's amazing! I've never even heard of felting until I saw it here. They look so real!

  14. I love arts and crafts and have long been curious about felting! If you did find the time and space to make a blog post on the process, I'd be excited. Reassembled Rio looks just as good as the original.

  15. Thanks so much for answering my questions! I am definitely going to try PicMonkey before spending money on photo software.
    Can't wait to see what you end up with for a vehicle....have fun car shopping! I trust you will share with us when you get one!
    BTW...our Rav 4 is a very pretty dark green looks different in different in the shade, but then it sparkles all different colors in the sunlight! I imagine other vehicles do that too also. Appearance is always a factor in my choice!


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