February 25, 2013

Monday Mischief: Caught Cheating!

I was caught cheating this weekend - cheating on Rita, that is.
"Would you like to explain why you smell like Weimaraner?"

My sisters and I went to the Del Mar Dog Show this weekend, something we do almost every year. We don't really watch much of the show itself, but we like to walk around and look at the dogs getting groomed (sorry these pics aren't great - I forgot my camera, darnit!, so these are from my sis's phone):
Gleeful, gorgeous Goldens
So many cute Goldens!

...and meet some of our favorite breeds:
Look at these sweet babies! I LOVE Great Pyrs.

We also like to do a little shopping - they have a mini expo with booths full of merch':
This cracked us up - 36" bully sticks labeled the "Full Monty"
There's also usually an agility trial going on at the same time, so we watched that for a while. So fun - the dogs all look like they're having such a great time.
A beagle doing agility! Who knew!? (My beag would have been sniffing the perimeter.)
So, yes, I did cheat on Rita this weekend. She got a shortened walk because I had to head out early to meet my sisters, then I came home smelling like a bunch of other dogs. And my sisters and I went out to brunch after, so I also came home with bacon breath. Rita thought that was extremely rude.

Do your pets give you a thorough once over when you've been unfaithful? 


  1. Poor Rita. Those Goldens are AMAZING.

    I did the same thing to my babies this weekend, except I came home from the pet expo wearing terrier, Pomeranian and Great Pyr. The dogs were NOT happy.

    1. Yeah, I was wearing Great Pyr, Weim, Irish Wolfhound ... and bacon. I guess we were both in the dog house with our pups this weekend!

  2. My dogs always know when I've been around another dog and I'm sure they know the gender, age, and sexual activities of the dogs, but they mostly just seem interested, not jealous.

    Jan from Poodles & Dogs

  3. Oh, yeah! Such reproachful looks when we come home smelling like other dogs (cats, too)! Poor Rita ;-)

  4. Honey never misses a stray smell on my clothes. However, a yummy treat in the pocket usually makes it up to her.

  5. My guys don't really care. A quick sniff and that's about it. Jimmy is much more worried about the attention Wilson gets!

  6. Ooooo, busted!!! The show looks like fun though!!

  7. Those Goldens are gorgeous! No matter how much I brush Buster, he always looks disheveled... And a beagle doing agility! My parents' beagle would have been sniffing the perimeter with your beagle and looking for food.

  8. Hi Y'all!

    If we don't give y'all the "once over" when you arrive home, how can we decern what you've been doing during your absence?

    Y'all come back now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  9. Ha...great post! Max just wants to go WITH me to see the other pups anywhere I go :)...he'd get that hurt, sad look like "why didn't I get to go too?!"

  10. Added ya to Max's Favorite Blogs too :)

  11. I agree with Rita - it is VERY rude! And did you apologize in the correct manner? i.e. bring her home some bacon? Tee Hee

    I always give my Mum the sniff over and if I smell anything she gets the full on investigation!!

    Wags to all

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  12. It might of been a good cheat if you got some treats for Rita on your return! But I know you got caught due to the nose always knows!

  13. Oh sounds like fun. Hope Rita forgives you! There is a big benched dog show in town this weekend. We have gone in the past and entered dogs, but we aren't going this year.

  14. Hee hee I bet Rita will forgive you

    urban hounds

  15. Oh yes! The sniffies all over, but thankfully they aren't mad at me, probably disappointed that I saw a friend that they didn't.

    Aren't they just the most precious things!

  16. Did you at least have a new toy or a treat for Rita when you came home? Poor Rita....


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