November 19, 2012

Monday Mischief: Pixie Sticks Her Nose Where She Shouldn't

Today, we have a guest mischief-maker that we're featuring - the delightful Pixie. (Rita's just been such an angel, we had to go hunting for mischief.) Doesn't she look sweet?
Pixie at the beach
Don't let her cute looks and diminutive size fool you...

Our story begins when I got a desperate "can she be saved?" email from my friend, Pixie's mom, who was also angel Rio's mom. Her email was in reference to the Mini Rio my sister and I had felted, which originally looked like this;
But now looked like this:

A drawn and quartered Mini Rio arrived in the mail, wrapped lovingly in heart tissue paper
That's right - little Pixie decided she could improve on our work. (The fact that these are made of wool and therefore must smell very tantalizingly of sheep should be taken into account here. A puppy can only resist so much temptation...)

Luckily, I was able to perform a leg-on-tomy (times 4), a rebuild of the neck, lip-o-suction (get it? Cuz her bottom lip was coming off...), and a tail-graft. Thus, Humpty Dumpty Rio was together again.
This kind of reconstructive surgery is pretty popular in image-conscious So Cal!
But, did Pixie stop at dismembering a member of the household? Nope, she also decided to remodel the living room after the bathroom door was left open:
In fairness, what puppy doesn't enjoy a good romp with some toilet paper?
 Perhaps this is all just payback for Momma dressing Pixie like a mermaid (merbitch?) on Halloween:
"Oh the shame... No amount of treats will make up for this.... tho' I am rocking this bikini!"
Way to go Pixie! You are in the running for the Mischief Hall of Fame!


  1. Thanks Jackie, for saving my Tiny Woo! I should just put Pixie in a box and ship her so you can have an endless list of topics for Mischief Monday.

  2. OMD! That Pixie is so naughty! But you gotta love her face, she's sooooo adorable! I bet she keeps you on your toes, Micki! And kudos to you, Jackie, on re-assemblying Rio!

  3. Pixie is a smart mischief maker. At least she destroyed something in the bathroom that you're probably not too attached to. :)

    BTW, Jackie, you're a winner. Check your email or come see me at Something Wagging This Way Comes to find out more (don't want to give away any secrets here). :)

  4. Go Pixie!! That is some awesome mischief for sure! :)

  5. Jackie, You write AND you make these darling felt creatures?! Amazing! Carry on.


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