November 27, 2012

A Tribute Post - Goodbye Sweet Lou

I just found out that my sister and her husband had to help their sweet corgi, Lou, be fitted for his wings today. This is such sad news.

He had a little health scare earlier, but I thought he was doing better so this comes as quite a shock.

As a tribute to Lou, I thought I'd re-run a post I did about him when he stayed with us in May of 2011. We have been trading dog-sitting duties with my sister for a long time now, and we always enjoyed having Lou come to stay at "The Spa." 

Our Visitor
May 27, 2011
We have a small visitor for the long weekend: Abby's cousin, Lou the corgi. He looks something like this:
Sleeping Lou
Although he actually looks a lot more like this: 

Because he is older and so handsome, Abby LOVES him. He . . .  tolerates her. Here she is lying across his path, trying to tempt him with her cuteness. He was not buying what she was selling.

He is very short. He fits under things... our bathroom sink/cupboard
Last night, we put his bed in our room and closed the doors so he'd be in with us and we'd know where he was all night. In the night, Mike heard him get in the shower. (Not like actually turning on the water and taking a shower, but just walking in there. Our shower is attached to our bedroom, you just kinda walk right into it, go down two steps and turn a little corner and you're in the shower; no door, no curtain, nuthin'.) I guess it was cool in there; not sure. Anyway, later in the night, Mike hears him trying to get back out of the shower--which involves nothing more than walking up two steps. Guess there was not enough room in there to get any momentum going, so eventually Mike had to get up and go boost him up unto the steps and outta there. (These are not deep steps; in fact they're pretty shallow. I didn't even have to boost my 85-year-old mother with her bad knee outta there!) Maybe tonight we'll leave the bedroom door open and let him sleep wherever he wants. Wonder if he'll choose the shower again...

Here are a few more pics, since he (and Abby) are so cute:
He is good motivation for her to eat!

Abby -- sad because Lou doesn't love her

Lou figures out where Ab's treats are stashed
Ab figures out where Lou's treats are stashed
Ready for his close up!
I had forgotten about him sleeping in the shower. He was a funny, sweet, handsome boy. 

Goodbye, sweet Lou. You were a good boy. A very good boy. We will miss you so much. Our hearts go out to your mom and dad. Please send them a little sign and let them know that you are okay. 


  1. Lou was a sweet and handsome boy. We'll miss him! Say hello to Abby, Sugar, Dannie, Cass, and Lady!

  2. sorry to hear of lou's passing. he and his cousing are definitely getting lots of angel treats now!!

    the ET syndicate

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about Lou. What a beautiful dog.

  4. Oh no! I'm just so sorry to hear this! I sort of felt like I knew Lou through the pictures and drawings and the stories too! Such a handsome boy. So very sad. Big hugs to your sister and brother-in-law.

    MB Rocket's mom.

  5. So sorry to hear of Lou's passing. Some gorgeous photos. There is just never enough time with God's perfect creatures.

    Ruby and Spirit Magnum's mum.

  6. Oh dear; what a sad day. :( Lou was one handsome and well-loved Cardi boy. Probably frolicking and sharing a treat with Abby right now. :)

  7. So sad. Sending all my sympathies.

  8. So sorry to hear about Lou. R.I.P. Sweet Lou.

  9. SO sorry for your loss. Godspeed sweet Lou. Run free with all the angels that have gone before you. Maybe you and Abby can get together and send your mommies some pennies!

  10. Sorry for your loss. Lou sure sounds like he was a special pup. Take care.


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