November 1, 2012

A Special Beach Day

Last Wednesday a handful of current/former Tripawd owners met up at Fiesta Island. In attendance, we had Linda & Bernie Bin Laden (siblings to Angel Max), Queen Nova's mom was there (unfortunately, being a Great Dane and all, it was not possible for Nova herself to fit in a carry-on and come along with Mom on her trip out from Michigan), Wookie (the lone Tripawd in attendance), and of course Rita (sister to Angel Abby).

It was a beautiful day - sunny and hot and the water was about as calm as I've ever seen it in the bay.
Linda, Rita & Bernie immediately head for the water.
Rita & Big Bear

Since Rita and I normally head down there every M, W, and F, a lot of the usual pupspects were there, including Rita's boyfriend, Big Bear. (Rocket.... if you are reading this - she wants you to know it's just a physical thing with her and Big Bear! Sorry, buddy, but long distance romances are tough to maintain.)
"You can't catch me, Big Bear!"

"Well, hehe, maybe you can!" [Slut puppy!]

Wookie, the lone Tripawd, enjoying his day. Isn't her gorgeous?!

Rita has no interest in this toy. She's just torturing Bernie...

Bernie Bin Laden says, "I'm not always a terrorist! My pawrents lie!"

"Look at this fine hole I dug, Bernie. Wanna get in it with me?"
Bernie can't resist Rita's invite.
After the pups were pooped and coated with enough sand to fill a child's sandbox, we went to In-N-Out for burgers for the humans and Flying Dutchmen for the pups. It was the first time Wookie got to experience the delicacy, so he actually got have 2 Dutchmen. Hooray for Wookie! I "borrowed" the Dutchmen pics from Sue, Nova's mom because I forget to bring my camera along for that part.
Note the drool swinging freely from Bernie's lips. Love Linda's intense focus.
Rita eats much more daintily! (She'd wolf it if I gave her the chance!)

A lovely time was had by all! I hope Abby was there in spirit. She would have had a great time.


  1. Love the pictures!!! I'm sure Abby was there with you! And Max too.

  2. All so very cute. Looks like a lovely time was had by all. Indy must really have a flying Dutchman one day.

  3. Aww! I know Abby was there and so was Max :-)

  4. I love the pictures! Rocket...not so much. He says Miss Rita is being a bit too friendly with ALL the boys!

  5. Oh what a perfect day! It looks like puppy paradise.

  6. That water is gorgeous - love your photos!

  7. What a beautiful day at the beach

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