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April 9, 2013

I Have Been Remiss - Part I: Awards

In the past few months Pooch Smooches has been given several awards by other lovely bloggers. I've been totally remiss in mentioning them and officially thanking them for the awards. There are various rules involved - usually answering a series of questions, and then nominating other bloggers. I added them all up, and (since I've been remiss for so long) that would mean answering 54 questions and nominating 77 different blogs. That's a lotta questions/blogs, so I'm just answering a few of the questions and generically nominating blogs in my Blog Roll to the right. (I hope I haven't left anyone off!)

I know... that's cheating. I'm usually such a rule-follower (like Maggie, the main character in What the Dog Ate), but, geez - 77 blogs is a lot!
"Did we get the awards cuz we are cute, Momma?" No, Rita.

Here are the awards in no particular order: