July 12, 2016

Who's The Top Dog?

Birthday Donations Update: I wanted to thank everyone who wished Rita a happy birthday the other day. I'd said I'd donate $1 to Baja Animal Sanctuary (where Rita came from) for every comment. Well, I decided to include my replies to everyone's comments, which put the tally at 98. Woot! I rounded up to $100 and sent a check off to BAS, so thanks everypawdy!

Now back to our regularly scheduled post...

Frequent readers will remember Rita's cousin Reggie came to stay with us for two weeks last month.

While organizing the gazillion photos I took while he was here, I noticed these two similar shots from different days:

Everypawdy gets a turn at being the top dog around here!

Maybe they heard me tell someone we were "dog-sitting" and they both took it literally!

I'm away this week so I will most likely miss visiting y'all. (I actually did this post ahead before leaving. That never happens! I feel so organized.) "See" y'all when I get back!

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  1. You always get such great pics! I usually get blurs. Have a fun and safe time away.

  2. Those are great shots! Funny pups! Enjoy your break, wherever you are!

  3. That's some nice role reversal, there.

  4. This made me giggle; and thank you for that, because today was not a good day!! I needed the chuckle :) They are SO cute! Excellent about the $98 ($100), too!

  5. Yeah Rita! Way to have a birthday and raise money you have a terrific Dog Mom!!!

  6. I totally love the mirror images. Way too adorable. Aren't finding photos like this after the fact all the more sweet? They are like a smile and a present all wrapped up in one.
    [FYI, Sam sent a check to Baja Animal Sanctuary in your's and Rita's name. They clearly do good work and we wanted to thank you for showcasing and supporting their efforts.] 🐾

  7. I wish I had photography skills, but my dogs hate cameras and would spend the day hiding from me.

  8. LOL those are great pictures put together like that.


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