April 4, 2012

What the Dog Ate - Nonfiction Version

With my book, What the Dog Ate, now available, I thought I'd do a post on dogs and their real life eating adventures. If you've been following, you know Rita recently ate a bird. (In fact, all our dogs wrapped their lips around birds at one point or another.) Well, then just the other day, I brought home a new bag of dog food and dumped it in the big plastic storage bin. I got distracted (oh, something shiny!) and walked off, not realizing I hadn't put the lid on. I'm sure you can see where this is going... but luckily I found Rita with her head in the bin before she had a chance to blow up like the Goodyear blimp. (Like our beagle, Bailey, did once when she let herself into the closet where her food bag was not-so-well-hidden when we didn't come home by her 5.30 dinner time!)

My friend sent Tastykakes! Luckily Rita did NOT eat them.
Rita is actually pretty good about not eating things she shouldn't (well, other than that bird, and there was also a dead gopher incident at the beach). We were a little worried about what she might eat/destroy since her foster mom told us Rita ate an arm chair at her house. (!) Luckily, we've never had a dog that would eat everything that isn't nailed down - but then we've never owned a Lab, like Kona, the dog in my book. Bailey did chew the corner of a coffee table once as a puppy, and Abby tried to work her way through our speaker wire, but other than that we haven't had too many losses to the pups.

A while back on the Tripawds' community site, someone started a topic about "things your dog has eaten with no ill effect." I had nuthin' even close to comparing with what some folks posted. For your enjoyment, here's a partial list. (Remember, these are all with "no ill effects" as the dog either threw up later or things went right on through, so no pups were harmed in the making of this post.)  
  • Raccoon paw
  • Road flair
  • A bunch of dog treats (no big deal, right?) along with the knit Christmas stocking they were in!
  • Typewriter keys
  • A zipper (What would even possess a pup to want to eat a zipper?)
  • Barbie doll legs
  • Tea lights
  • Diapers (Yes. Plural.)
Helpful tip: Did you know if your pup swallows something bad you can give him a teaspoon (or tablespoon if you have a large dog) of hydrogen peroxide to induce vomiting? I learned this handy trick from Charley's mom. Charley is my gorgeous cover model, and his mom used this trick to get him to "return" a sock he'd stolen. Read more about how to do it here. Remember, though, in an emergency, call the vet first!

In other What the Dog Ate news - things are going pretty well with book sales. I'm working on getting some book review sites to read it as reviews are a big deal for helping sell books! I've also been working on my web site and will let you know when it's 100% ready to reveal.While working on some marketing ideas for the book, I came across a blog of the same title! It's written by Donna (Hi Donna!), a wife, mother and fellow Californian/dog-pawrent and it features lots of yummy recipes (for humans, not dogs). Check it out, but I don't recommend looking at it while you're hungry as the pictures are drool-worthy. (Personally, I'm thinking of trying the eclairs recipe.... although I should probably be combing the vegetable ones for ideas....)

Finally in some non-eating related news, we felted another little woolen pup. This time it was Tri-pug, Maggie:

Maggie's mom, Karen, was the one that made me the hysterical "lung mints" video. She was very supportive during our journey with Abby's cancer and even though we never got to "meet" Maggie, we love her spirit, which Karen keeps alive on the Tripawds site.

Feel free to share any odd things your dog has eaten in the comments. Thanks for reading!


  1. I have an angel dog that would never eat anything that wasn't eatable! Plastic toothpicks are eatable, aren't they?

  2. Love the pug.

    Indy has never eaten anything odd, although she did chew a chair leg at Terry's(embarrassing).

  3. Oh gosh, that reminds me... Bailey chewed the corner of a foot stool at Terry's.... Yes, very embarrassing. But apparently Terry has some very tasty furniture.

  4. Thanks for the shout out! :) Personally, I could write a book about all the things that Odin and Blue have eaten. When Blue was a puppy he had a thing for remote controls. You're right. Dogs will eat anything. A lot of people get to my blog by searching for what their dog ate. Most popular is "dog ate a sugar cookie". I think the craziest was, "dog ate a whole chocolate cake". Ouch!

  5. A whole chocolate cake! Yikes. That reminds me, a friend's lab pulled a hot pyrex dish of just-out-of-the-oven brownies off the counter. It hit the floor and smashed and he wolfed down a bunch of the brownies before she could stop him. They were so worried he'd eaten some broken glass, but he was fine!

    Also - I forgot - Bailey once caught a baby squirrel in our yard and ate it (just like Kona eats in the book...). I hope poor Mama Squirrel learned a lesson: Never build your nest in a beagle's yard!

  6. Just so you and Kath don't feel so bad about your dogs munching on our decor, the only thing Cassy ever chewed as a puppy was a rug that Dad had made. And then later in his piggy-Beagle life, there was the entire stick of butter he took right off of the table. Beagle, high fat goody, and inattentive owner: formula for disaster.

  7. Ummm, here's a partial Zephyr list (I'm sure I'll forget something):
    Chair legs
    Sofa cushion
    Baby 'possum
    Cat poo
    Dog poo
    Raccoon poo

  8. The Masters Golf tournament is a major event in our household. Jon was appalled to read this story in the paper this morning. Perfect for the current blog topic:


  9. Oh, honey. You don't know the half of it. Our late Dalmatian (Penelope Grace) once popped and peeled a tennis ball. She ate the felt whole. She barfed it up, but I was not fast enough, and she ate it again. I was too young to know better at the time, but it I just waited, and it came out the other end (I had to tug) no harm, no foul. She also once ate a pearl earring. And, she was famous for eating makeup sponges.

    With Lilly, our silly border collie, we've gone through real emergencies when she ate 130 paintballs (causing sorbitol poisoning) and recently (because of steroids) she ate a 1/2 of a canvass totebag.


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