April 30, 2012

A Giveaway & Guest Blogging

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that I'd come across a blog with the same name as my book: What the Dog Ate. I introduced myself to Donna, the blog owner who uses it to post very yummy looking recipes, and sent her a copy of my book. Well, yesterday I found out that she not only posted a great review of my book on her blog (hooray!), she's also hosting a giveaway of 3 copies! So, visit her post here to see the review, and if you leave a comment you'll be entered to win. If you've already read/bought the book, you could always enter and win a copy for a friend. But wait - there's more... She's also posted a dog biscuit recipe that includes bacon! (There's a lot of bacon-talk in the book, so this is a perfect recipe to include!) Rita is after me to get with it and make a batch.

In other news, I mentioned in my last post that I'd be guest-blogging at Miss Mae's Doggy Tales, and that post is up today and you can read it here. It includes one of my favorite stories about our beautiful angel beagle, Bailey -- plus lots of cute photos of her.

In other pooch-related news, I'm off to my usual Monday volunteer gig at Helen Woodward today where I play with/walk the dogs that are up for adoption. I was checking out the pups on the website this morning
and there are so many cute ones I can't wait to meet:
Aggggh! So cute!

This one looks like Rita!

And this looks like a pointy-eared Abby!!

Speaking of our beautiful angel Abby, I'm looking forward to turning the calendar page tomorrow, because it's time for "Miss May"!:

Are you jealous that I am off to kiss/play with/handle all those cute pups??? You should be!


  1. Happy May Day -- nice that you'll have sweet Abby's photo up all month.

    Did you meet the Abby and Rita look-alikes? Just noticed that the Abby twin is even wearing a PINK collar!


  2. Not only was her collar pink - it was the exact same one Abby had! Pale pink with dark pink hearts (although it's so faded you can't really tell in the pic).

    Anyway, I did meet her. She was very sweet, but didn't really look as much like Ab in real life. She's definitely got a Whippet body and she's crazy-ball-obsessed! She's cute and will be a fun buddy for someone.

    I didn't meet the Rita lookalike since someone else was already lovin' on her and said she was "mouthy'! (Sounds like my girl...)

    I met the little beagle mix and she has the sweetest little spot on the top of her head - like a "kiss here" target.

  3. And the problem with being "crazy-ball-obsessed" is.....????



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