August 29, 2011

Double Digits!

Today is Abby's 10 month ampuversary - that's right, she has made it to double digits! Whoohoo!

Unfortunately, we are not having a super celebratory day... Normally we would have gone to the beach this morning, but yesterday she gave us a little scare. We took her to the beach for a walk/run, like we always do on Sundays, and as we were running down the hill at the far end of the beach, she face-planted. She got up and immediately face-planted again. That second one was a little more worrisome. Then she acted a little strange at home – hopping around quite slowly and just not seeming like herself. (She didn't even terrorize me at night like she normally does - chewing my toes while I try to lay on the couch and relax.) But... yesterday was pretty much the hottest day we have had here yet (it's been a cool summer at our house until just the other day) so I'm hoping it was just that the heat got to her and that she maybe tweaked her leg a little when she took the tumble.

Of course, as soon as I decided today that she should stay home and take it easy, she started racing around chasing a fly – so I'm assuming the leg doesn't hurt or she wouldn't do that, no?? Anyway, it is supposed to be hot again today so I think we will just take it easy and hopefully be back at the beach tomorrow.

I can't help the sinking feeling that the cancer has spread to her good front leg… I keep looking at it seeing (imaginary??) strange swelling, but hopefully that is totally not the case (and is just my paranoia). And hopefully Boris & Natasha are still all alone in there…

We will at least break out a Frosty Paw to celebrate making it to DOUBLE DIGITS!!! Whoohoo! This was a big one – I really wanted to hit those double digits… Now our next BIG goal is ONE YEAR. Come on, Ab, you can do it!

On a brighter note - Friday was a great day. It was National Dog Day so we went to the beach for an extra long time. I took a lot of pics of her:
"I ran with some big dogs...

...and a little dog that kinda looked like me."

"I looked for my friend, Gopher, like I always do."

"Mom took a gazillion pics. She likes this one best."

Abby also got a Frosty Paw that day. It was a good day to be a dog - but then, every day is pretty much Dog Day at our house.


  1. The heat will do that! I think that might be the origin of "the dog days of summer". I copied that "favorite" one...could be a great drawing! :)

  2. Oooo, yes, it would be a great drawing. I love how her tongue and tail are both flapping in the breeze. The beach... it's pretty much the only place she smiles like that!

  3. The heat will definitely do that. We had a hot summer out here, and there were days when Finchy and the Chili Dawg weren't themselves after a long, hot playtime in the backyard, but they were back to normal the next day. It's so exciting that Abby is in the double digits now! Definitely cause for celebration :-) I know she can make it to one year- go Abby, go!

  4. Geez, poor Abby! In this stinkin' heat, I sorta feel like I could "teep over" my own self. With Lou's propensity for tripping once in a while these days, seems like you guys could have quite the interesting Labor Day weekend. Hope everybody stays upright!!

  5. She must have just tweaked her leg a bit on the fall. Sounds like she's better. It's stinking hot--Indy barely wants to play.

  6. My dog was just diagnose of bone cancer and i'm so sad... he's 10 years old and i don't know what to do, if take his pawn away or let him just as he is atm for the time he can stay with me. Even when i read this blog i feel as he can get healthy as your puppy but i don't know what to do with my poor Rocky. He looks fine, runs and plays like always, only jumps in 3 paws. I will keep reading your blog cuz in all sadness bring me some hope about maybe with the cut off of his back pawn he will stay a bit more time with me. The x-rays shows no metastases, but the vet said he can't know in a 100% that there isn't any tiny problem he can't detect..
    I hope all will be fine, and i love to read ur experience, helps me a lot.

  7. Hi Sakura - hope you'll see this response - if the xrays show no mets, that sounds good. Your vet is right though - there could be "micro-metastases" which aren't showing on the xray. I think Abby probably had that because her first xray after we got the diagnosis was clear. But dogs can still live a good while with lung mets. You should consider amputating the dog's leg as it will take his pain away. If he is already walking on 3 legs, then he should do fine on 3 after the surgery. I would suggest going to and registering on that site. The members there are all super nice and helpful and will give you advice and support. Hang in there. I know this is a scary disease!

  8. I'm glad your were able to understand my post, i'm not a main english talking person, so this is great! Abby experience bring me hope, i'm considering the amputation, but i am afraid cuz i read he can die anyway in some months.. i just wanna do what is better for him, i don't wanna to let him die without trying...
    Thanks for your words, i'll be following your blog, is the first time i do something like this, but i was happy cuz i find a person who's fighting with this horrible decease today as i am.. love to Abby too she looks healthy and happy!!

    In this album i have a photo of Rocky for you to meet him

  9. Thanks for the link - he is gorgeous!

    Yes, you are right - he might die anyways in a few months... or he might live another year or two. No one knows. But he is in pain, and if you do go through with the amputation, it will just be a little more pain until he recovers and then he will most likely feel much better. If you go back to the beginning of the blog, you can see that the recovery for a couple of weeks after the surgery was hard for Abby, but we got through it and now she is able to run and play and she is a very happy girl.
    All the best to you and Rocky!


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