August 11, 2011

It's All Happening At the Zoo...

...including carrying around a stinky stuffed dino in a backpack and whipping him out every few minutes for a photo op. My sister, Kathy, went with me to help me take the pictures. We had a good time, giggling as we set up our shots. I think Barney had a good time too - even though we kept stuffing him back in the bag and were generally embarrassed to be seen with him. He seemed oblivious to all that though. (I think because he is a few fluff balls shy of a full bag of stuffing!) 

Anyway, here he is at the zoo. 
First stop: the flamingos

Barney loved the hippos. (Same body type.)

The leopard totally ignored Barney...

...but I'm pretty sure the polar bear wanted to eat him.

Barney thought the polar bear wanted to eat him too and attempted to flee the scene
Later he found solace with this sloth
...and found a little something with this elephant statue as well...
He needed some water after that.

And he demanded another massage. (Spoiled!)
A giant eagle tried to fly off with him!!
But Kath intervened just in time and saved him. Phew!
The irony of the dino skeleton on this little Ranger Rick guy's jacket was lost on Barney. (Is it any surprise that Barney doesn't get irony? I don't think so... He's basically a complete moron.)
We also stopped at the gift shop and let Barney pick out some items for the box that he travels in. (There are lots of mementos from his other visits.) He selected a nice picture frame and a panda bear pin. He saw these guys while we were shopping and had to stop for a moment; he said they were his "peeps":
We had such a good time at the zoo that afterwards we took him to Balboa Park as well.
Hanging at the Lily Pond
Chillin' by the fountain
"Look, I'm Godzilla! I'm going to knock down the Bell Tower!" (He thought that was hilarious. Such a tourist.)
Up next: the beach - and Abby brings the hurt.


  1. LOL!!! Hilarious. Love the Godzilla bit.

  2. Thanks for coming with me. And thanks for saving Barney from that eagle's clutches so that Abby can be the one to kill him.


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