September 1, 2011

Ah, the Ups & Downs...And Monkeybutts Explained

OK, so... it's been a bit of a stressful week. In my last post I mentioned we took Monday off from the beach because I was worried about Abby's leg and lack of stamina. Well, Monday night, after having a bad bout of tummy trouble, she was suddenly her old self - racing around, play bowing, jumping on me, etc. She seemed totally fine, so we met up with her buddy, Dakota, at the beach on Tuesday like usual. She was OK at first, but then started stumbling again. We turned back way early but she still was stumbling and breathing a little heavy and laid down several times, which is NOT normal. I was very upset the whole way home and imagining terrible things…

While I was waiting for Dr. V. to call back, she started furiously licking one toenail and then she jumped up to race around and chase a fly! So, I figured either she is the most stoic dog ever, or there's no spread of cancer to that leg (which is what I had imagined)… Dr. V. thinks it is just a combo of things all hitting at once: the heat sapping her energy, bit of a tummy issue (maybe ate/drank something funky at the bay) also sapping her energy, plus a problem with her toenail and/or a strained wrist. I think she may have slightly torn a toenail at the base, which if you think about it, would hurt like crazy on the uneven surface at the beach - not to mention the sand and salt water getting in there. So the last two days we have just done short walks in the neighborhood and she's done OK with that. Tomorrow we will attempt the beach again, but plan to take it a little easy.

It's been a rough couple of days, but as usual the folks at the site help you through these things. One of things I love about the Tripawds community is that there are some darn funny people on there. (Gee, using humor to deal with adversity... who'da thunk it??) Well, one of the funniest folks on the site made Abby a special video for her 10 month ampuversary, which I've included below. But before you watch it, I have to explain about Monkeybutts...

Monkeybutts (Latin: canis monkeyanticus familiaris OR canis lupus jealousicus) are other dogs (or cats or ferrets, etc.) who live in the house with a tripawd and get up to all sorts of antics due to their jealousy over all the special attention tripawds get - like car rides! (trips to the vet) and treats! (pills hidden in food). The Monkeybutts try to stir up friendly trouble with the AMBF (the Anti MonkeyButt Forces) on the Tripawds site. Abby is a proud member of the AMBF! The Monkeybutts' leader is this little tyke pictured to the right: Rocket, aka "Monkeybutt-Bunny Vampire Pirate". He is the one who made the video for Abby - which is why (as you'll see) it is not, love message you might be expecting.

Abby explained to Monkeybutt that she saw the hidden message in the video... Just like god backwards is dog, she figured out that NOT backwards is TON and that Monkeybutt-Bunny was really trying to say that he likes her a TON! (I may have left you all with the Barney song in your head a couple of posts back; now just try to get this ditty outta your head!)

One More Little "Up"
Today Abby and I went and got sandwiches and then hijacked Mike from work and took him to the park for a wee picnic lunch and a nice stroll/hop in the sun. It was very nice.

And One More Big "Down"
Hate to end on a sad note, but I wanted to mention to please send good vibes out to Chili Dawg's family. Chili Dawg was the tripawd golden that we sent Barney on to. Sweet Chili didn't make it. (You might not want to click this link unless you have tissues handy...) He had an appointment with heaven that he couldn't miss. He didn't even get to have much fun with Barney, and had to let his monkeybutt brother, Finchy the boxer, try to kill Barney. The Tripawds folks are all very sad about the loss of Chili, a great Tripawd Warrior.


  1. Very cute video. And very sad about that poor Chili Dawg.

  2. Hey ScAbby!

    I only made the video so I'd get tagged in a blog!

    Dododododododododododo! "You're my bestfriend in the world NOT!


    Monkeybutt-Bunny Vampire Pirate

  3. I'm sorry about Chili Dawg... i hope he can meet his family again in heaven someday, as i though everyday about my cat and dog that pass away since long time.. to loose a member of the family also hurts a lot..

    We'r here still with Rocky, he have an appointment with the vet this monday cuz his blood analysis wasnt' all good, seems there is something weird on his liver. Atm i'm giving him everyday pain medicines, he looks so happy when i give him the medicine hide in the piece of cheese he just love... :_( but i can't stop thinking that everyday he's a step far from me.. and trying to prepare to this hard moment.. is sad..

    Abby need to take it a bit easy now, just in case, she looks very happy cuz the love u give to her!!

  4. OMD! That was a funny video! Rocket is one funny monkeybutt, it made me smile and I haven't done that much. I am glad to hear that sweet Abby is doing better and it is probably just a toenail (that has gotta hurt) or a strained wrist. Thank you for mentioning the Chili Dawg. I miss him so very much. He was a special boy.

  5. Hi :D
    I come back to tell u that we will finally cut down the injured pawn of my dog today in 2 hours
    Seems his pain is a lot, i don't wanna see him suffer, i just pray for the metastasses to be slow (or nothing!!!!!!!) so he can live a lot of months more with me.

  6. Oh, I'm glad you decided to go through with the amputation. It will help get rid of his pain. The first 2 weeks after can be hard, but after that he should be feeling A LOT better!!!! I am sending good thoughts for the surgery and for there to be no METS!

    Sending healing kisses from Abby!!!! Let me know how it goes.

  7. The opperation suppoused to be yesterday, but it goes cancelled, so it was today and started 1 hour ago. I'm waiting for news about how's all going.
    If all is fine, Rocky will be at home this night :D
    I'll let u know how's everythings
    Thanks a lot of care, and a big hug to abby!


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