August 12, 2011

Why the Dino?? (& Abby Stuff)

Thought I would take a short break from the actual events of this stop on the Kill Barney Tour (KBT) to 'splain a little bit more about Barney and what the KBT is all about. I explained it a bit a while ago, but folks may have missed that, and also I didn't explain what I think Barney means to the Tripawds community.

The very same Barney that we are now hosting once belonged to Jerry, who is now known on the Tripawds site as Spirit Jerry since he's no longer with us in the flesh. Jerry was the Original Tripawd--the dog that inspired his pawrents to start the Tripawds site. Jerry has been gone since 2008, but his spirit lives on in the Tripawds community, which has been a really amazing place to go for support and answers during all of this. Everyone on there is very nice and very helpful - and some of them are damn funny.

Which brings us back to the KBT. If I'm counting stops correctly on the KBT map, we are the 25th house to host Barney. Barney travels with a journal and everyone who has hosted him writes about their tripawd pooch and a little bit about Barney's visit. Here is what one woman wrote, which I think sums up nicely why we are all spending time doing silly things with a stinky purple dinosaur:
"I cannot begin to express my gratitude over this Barney. I believe he carries strength from all the tripawd and quad-pawds he's visited. He has been a great source of comfort to us during his visit."
Here's what I'm planning to write in his journal:
"It’s been an honor to host Barney. The Tripawds family has been so great and supportive and it’s nice to have something tangible we can all share that brings a good laugh along with it. Barney is a great symbol for sharing our strengths, our hopes and even a laugh in the face of tough times."
So hopefully that explains why a grown woman is playing with a stuffed dino. It's nice to bring a little silliness to the sucky roller coaster ride that is canine osteosarcoma. I mean, really, how can you not look at something like this and at least crack a smile?

In other news (many of you will already know this from Facebook)... remember this drawing I did of Abby?

Well, the Tripawds folks are putting it on T-shirts and gifts and such, and you can customize the items with your own caption. I ordered a bunch of stuff today, most of it with the caption: Tri to relax. Can't wait to get it!


  1. As if we need an excuse for playing with a purple dinosaur ;-).

  2. Yes, this is indeed the Power of Purple. Your post brought tears to my eyes, thank you for sharing the KBT with the world.

    Jerry hated Barney. Absolutely hated him, shook the living daylights out of him every chance he got. But for some reason he always stopped short of totally mutilating that thing, there was something about Barney that made him want to keep him around.

    We just saw what was actually in the KBT box a couple of weeks ago, when Codie Rae and Travis got a hold of him. Jim and I were both stunned, we couldn't believe the heartfelt sentiments and powerful words written in that little book. We had no idea when we started the KBT where it would go, and it blows us away to think of the lives this silly dino has touched. We're just so glad he got to touch your and Abby's life too.


  3. Thanks Rene for the nice comment. Our last dog, Bailey, was like that with her pink poodle. It was the one toy she wouldn't destroy!

    And, yes, the little journal is the best part of getting Barney. I laughed! I cried! It is a very special little book.

    Hugs back at you guys, plus sweet Abby kisses thrown in,


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