June 3, 2011

What We Do All Day

I'm pretty sure the hubster thinks Abby and I lay around all day, kissing each other and sometimes having naked pillow fights. I thought I'd document the sort of stuff that does in fact happen around here with Abby and me:

First of all, we get our cardio in:
Daily walks, especially at Fiesta Island

We cook:
Here we are, deglazing a pan.
We read:
World news, of course!
We clean the house:
"You missed a spot here, Mama!"
Sometimes we work in the yard:
If you've seen my plants, you know we don't do this very often...

OK, I admit it; sometimes we nap:

...and sometimes we play a little Angry Birds...

We also do yoga, but unfortunately it was impossible to capture us both Downward Facing Dogging at the same time. And, finally, sometimes I write. When I do that, Abby gets bored and does this:


  1. Jenna- Chili Dawg's MomJune 12, 2011 at 6:23 AM

    My humans LOVE angry birds! My mom only lets my human brother, Noah, play it for a little while because he gets angry playing it, but he's only 4 years old. I'm too mellow to play it. It looks like you have a fun life :-) Chili Dawg

    1. Oh man, this comment makes me miss Chili Dawg too....

  2. hello pooch smooches its dennis the vizsla dog hay i kaym bak to the past in the doghowse of justiss to giv yoo anuther comment on this wun of yore all time fayvrit blog posts!!! that all luks like gud ways to spend the day if yoo ask me!!! wel eksept for the angry birds i do not like angry birds they kind of skayr me a littel!!! ok bye

    1. Thank you for traveling back in time, Dennis! You're a true pal.

      Rita loves to chase angry birds - especially crows! She hates them. Maybe I should try a little angry birds with her too.

  3. Aw, this post definitely deserves more love! Sounds like a great day to us, though we were kind of disappointed there were no pillow fights ;-)

  4. Now you have more comments! haha She was so beautiful! I love this post and these pictures!

    1. Thank you. Feeling better about this lonely post now. :)


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