June 29, 2011

Another Ampuversary & Begging for Barney

Today is Abby's 8 month ampuversary! Whoo-hoo! Normally, she gets a Flying Dutchman from In-N-Out to celebrate, but: (a) she just had one a couple of weeks ago to celebrate her daddy's return from his biz trip to Asia (commemorated in the photo here), and (b) yesterday she ate a bird. Yes, an entire bird. Luckily it was a small bird, but she ate it all - beak, feet, feathers, the whole shebang. (And it's the shebang that I'm worried about...) Not sure if she killed it or found it dead... She was rummaging around in one of our bushes and came out with it. We figured she'd have some tummy issues (to put it mildly) last night or today, but so far she seems fine. Anyway, we are kind of waiting to make sure her stomach is OK before loading her up with a Dutchman. In the meantime, she'll at least get a Frosty Paw.

Don't you want to kill him too?
I think Abby ate the bird because she is sharpening her skills in the hopes of participating in the Kill Barney Tour. (I heard once that birds are related to dinosaurs; I assume she heard the same thing.) I only just recently found out about the Tour on the Tripawds site, even though it has apparently been going on since January of 2010. Barney used to be one of Jerry's toys that he loved to hate. (Jerry is the original tri-pawwed pooch who's pack started the Tripawds site. In fact, you may have seen Jerry and not even realize it if you've ever seen the PBS Nature series episode on "Why We Love Cats & Dogs.") Anyway, since the tour began about 18 months ago, Barney has been to 22 different places. He's well-traveled, that Barney. You can even check out the Kill Barney Tour Map and see where all he's been. He's never been to San Diego, so I think it's about time he visits!

So, Abby and I entered our plea on the I Want Barney blog on the Tripawds site. You can read the specifics of what we said here if you are so inclined, but basically Abby offered to show him a good time, let him sink into a false sense of security... and then kill him. I, on the other hand, offered to sew him up so he can go on to the next tripawd who wants to rip apart that insipid little dinosaur. I think we have a shot, but there might be one or two other tripawds who have called dibs ahead of us. If we get Barney, I'll certainly be blogging about it here!

In doing a little research for this post, I found that there is an entire "Anti-Barney Humor" page on Wikipedia. I also learned there that the folks who are behind Barney can't come after you if you use his image in parody. They tried to go after the San Diego Chicken for his attacks of Barney (gotta love YouTube - you can view one such attack here) but lost. 

Finally, I posted a couple of videos of Abby on YouTube, including this one of her playing with her friend, Lola, at Fiesta Island. We went to F.I. today but I didn't bring my camera along. Too bad, because Enzo was there (the little cutie from my previous post) so Abby had a great time wrestling with him. Enzo and Lola are pretty much the only dogs Abby likes to wrestle with anymore, so she was happy to see him today. They are so cute together. Hopefully next time I'll have my video camera!

Thanks for reading everyone. These 8 months have flown by!


  1. I cranked up the volume to watch the You-tube video, and when Lou heard your voice, he started barking and ran towards the back door to greet you!

    On this nice summer day, I'm thinking Frosty Paws would be a lovely way to spoil our boy. Where do you get them? What flavor does Abby like? (Bird? Yuck!)

  2. You can get them in the "novelties" part of the ice cream freezer at the grocery store. We get them at Vons. I know the box in the pic above says "original" flavor, as if there are others as well, but if there are I've never seen them, so we just get original.

    That's funny about Lou running over. I have to keep the volume turned way down when I watch any of her videos or she runs over to the computer and gets all excited. Give Lou a hug and kiss from his aunty.

  3. Jay Leno did a bit on obscure cable channels once and my favorite was the "Fireplace Full-O-Barnies Channel."

  4. Heeee heee! I'll try to pull some strings to get Barney to you, Abby!

    Hoppy ampuversary! So, what was tastier? The Dutch Man or the fluffy birdie?

  5. Oh Spirit Jerry! That would be great if a "higher source" could pull strings for us. (But we don't want to step on any paws - know we are campaigning hard, but if someone is in line before us, we can wait it out...)

    As to your question, Abby says, "I'm not sure which is yummier... I'd need to eat another one of each, side by side, to decide. Mom???? Can you arrange that?? Also, the flavor of both pales in comparison to how good that purple dinosaur flesh is going to taste!" **commences drooling**


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