June 13, 2013

No Mirth Today - The Worst Walk I Ever Took

I had a very different post planned for our usual Mirth Watch Thursday, but today (Wednesday as I am writing this), I had the worst walk I've ever had with my dog.

Not even sure where to start.

As you know, my friend and I walk with our dogs (Rita, and Rita's best friend, Dakota the boxer) at Fiesta Island (FI) at least 3 days/week. On the weekdays we usually know almost everyone down there. There are a couple of dogs that our dogs don't like, or that don't like our dogs, and we steer clear. Sometimes there's a bit of noise and a skirmish, but no one ever gets bit and it's always fine.

Well, now that school's out and it's summer, there are a lot more people down there. I'm constantly checking out the other dogs and assessing Rita's body language, etc.

We were just about finished up with our walk and had run into another friend who comes to FI pretty much every day with her 4 huskies. At the same time two men (big, older men with big walking sticks) and 3 dogs were coming the other direction. They had a timid puppy with them, and Dakota ran at it showing teeth. Dakota is very good about listening to her mom, but before my friend could even yell "Sit, Stay", the one man raised his walking stick and hit Dakota across the back with it, breaking the stick. (Luckily, he had the smaller of the 2 sticks. The other stick was thicker and could have inflicted some serious damage.)

June 11, 2013

Wordless (ha!) Wednesday: KONG Premium Treats Giveaway

If you've been around a while, you know I have a hard time being wordless... and this is going to be another one of those wordy-Wordless Wed. posts. But hey... you could win stuff!

We were approached by JAKKS Pets, partners with KONG for the KONG Premium Treat line, about doing a review and giveaway. Rita said, "Sign us up!" Momma said, "Hang on... let's read through everything."

Once the Momma found out the treats are USA-made (very important - don't buy treats made in China!) and use good ingredients (all-natural, no animal by-products, and no wheat, corn or soy!) she agreed with Rita.

So, the lovely folks from KONG Premium Treats sent us 3 treats of our choosing to try, and now THREE lucky winners will win the same - a prize pack with 3 fabulous treats:

A prize package with a trio of treats!

June 9, 2013

Is My Dog Dumb, Or Just Not as Bored as I Thought?

... Or is she really, really smart?

Rita is usually fine with just a walk every morning and a bit of play time in the afternoon or evening. The rest of the day, she generally entertains herself checking things out in the yard, napping, and following me around. But she often has this bored-out-of-her-skull expression on her face.
"Ho-hum. Another day. Another 37 naps."

June 7, 2013

Follow-Up Friday: Pupdates on Past Posts

This week Pooch Smooches is very excited to be co-hosting the Follow-Up Friday blog hop along with the hop's originator, Jodi from a Heart Like a Dog. FUF is the blog hop that let’s you wrap up your week and leads you right into the weekend!

Personally, I like a margarita to lead me right into the weekend, but that will come later... As I post this, it's a little early to start drinking.
Sampson & Delilah from Heart Like a Dog - gorg, right?*

Since this is my first FUF post, I have a lot to catch up on, so we'll go back a little more than a week to wrap up:

June 6, 2013

Mirth Watch Thursday: Should a Mother Read Her Dawgter's Diary?

Yes. She should. And she should share it with everypawdy.

Some (most??) of you have probably already seen this video. If you are like me and on Facebook and mostly have dog-crazy friends there, then you will have definitely seen it. But, I know I have some blog readers who aren't on Facebook, so for that lone person's their benefit I share with you now - Sad Dog Diary. (Note - these are not sad. Does this seem like the kind of blog that would share a sad video?? Angel dog videos notwithstanding...)

As I mentioned, I first saw this on Facebook, but I also saw it on one of my fave blogs - I Still Want More Puppies, wherein we were asked to ponder what our dog's diary entry would be.

June 4, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Are You Going to Our County Fair...

Okay, sing along with me, to the tune of Simon & Garfunkle's Scarborough Fair

Are you going to our County Fair? Bunnies, dogs, a hydrant of wool....
Yep, my sis and I are not only going to the fair, but we entered lovingly hand-crafted bunnies and dogs for the Home & Hobby competitive exhibits. Specifically, we entered "sets" in the needle-felting division. (Oh, no wait - technically it's the needle-felting class, which is within the overarching "Felting" division, which is within the "Needle & Textile Arts" category.) Whatever it is - we want to win.

I've been wanting to enter something for years, and this year we are finally doing it. They wouldn't let us enter together - except for quilts, only one person's name can be on an entry - so we decided to each enter an item (even though we made both of them together). My sis entered our tableau of bunnies: (click on any pics if you want to see them bigger)

June 3, 2013

Monday Mischief: Cats Cookies for People for our Pup

I realize that title probably sounds a little confusing. Let me 'splain. 
Cats Cookies for People! And/or Pups...
About 6 or so months ago, Rita started having these brief episodes of head tremors.