December 31, 2012

Monday Mischief: Rita's Top Ten of 2012

The mischief today is that I, Rita, am taking over the blog so I can list my Top Ten for 2012. (This recapping the year seems to be a big thing with you humans, so I wanted to get in on the fun.)

10. I made a best friend! (Dakota was my sister Angel Abby's best friend too. Momma is so glad that we are friends!)
Dakota has taught me how to be an excellent boxer! I punch Momma all the time!

December 27, 2012

I Dreamed A (Stupid) Dream

I had the stupidest dream last night.

I dreamt that I had this brilliant idea for today's Mirth Watch Thursday post. It was going to be all about these semaphore-like poses that Rita sleeps in that signal different messages - like laying (lying?) a certain way meant "send treats," and how I was going to do drawings to represent each one. (Actually, almost all of them ended up meaning some variation of "send treats." Although one was the symbol for pi: π - just to show that she's smart.)

In my dream, it was all hysterically funny to me. I woke up thinking, "Awesome. I've got today's post all written! All I have to do is whip up some drawings." Then I thought it through and realized it was absurd. (Who would even see these signals, I ask??) Sigh. Had to come up with something else to post.

So, I thought I'd roll out one of me and the hub's favorite commericials from a few years back. We still quote the final line sometimes after a walk. It's got a cute dog, outrageous Scottish accents and it's about cheese. What more could you want? Here it is:

December 26, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Rita's Christmas Recap

Rita here with a photo-journalist style review of my holiday.

It started out not too good. There was a lot of this.


December 20, 2012

Why You'll Love PupLove

Pamela over at Something Wagging This Way Comes (great blog title, no?) came up with the great idea of a "Pet blogger gift exchange" - only the gifts we're exchanging aren't wrapped in shiny paper and pretty bows. Instead, the gifts are the kind that money can't buy and that can't be stuffed under the tree: encouragement, compliments, and appreciation! Who doesn't want to get some encouragement? Better than a funky Christmas sweater any day, right?

Pamela matched everyone up who wanted to participate with a partner, and I was matched with the uber talented AJ of PupLove.

Have You Seen This Man?

I've decided to start a new thing that I'm going to call Mirth Watch Thursday. It'll be a little silliness from me or from somewhere else on the web to (hopefully) make you smile and/or laugh each Thursday as we round the bend toward the weekend.

So, to kick off Mirth Watch Thursdays, I give you: A composite sketch of Rita's fears:
Have you seen this man? He may be armed and is considered dangerous. (At least, by my dog.)

December 19, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Presents!

This is our first Christmas with Rita so it will be fun to see how she reacts to everything. We've been spoiling her and letting her open any presents she gets early. She seems to love the gift idea, and tears right in to the paper. (I've never had a dog that didn't instinctively know how to open a wrapped gift. I swear, dog toys must have a specific odor.)
"Let me in there!"

December 17, 2012

A Pause . . .

I normally try to take part in the Monday Mischief blog hop. Today, I just couldn't. I was too sad about the tragic news out of Newton, CT on Friday to just go on with a normal silly post. Yes, we do try to keep things light around here, even when our pup had bone cancer and even when the country seems to be going crazy. But today was not a day for "lightness."

My purpose with my writing and my blog is to spread smiles. I'm not eloquent enough to even try to wrap my words or my head around what happened on Friday, so I won't even try, but I didn't want to just plow happily ahead without pausing to express my condolences publicly to the entire community of Newton. For so many in that community, their worlds are forever changed.

For those of us lucky enough to be celebrating the holidays with our loved ones, let's all just try to remember to be a little nicer, be a little more patient, and try to understand where the other guy (even if he/she is pissing you off) is coming from.

Peace. Let's be reasonable out there.

[P.S. I signed an online condolence card for the Newton community today at We Are Better Than This. You can too.]