June 17, 2012

Help Me Pick a Pic?

I got some author photos done the other day, with the fabulous Theresa Hayes. I was afraid I'd be scrambling to find one I like (I usually hate photos of myself - that's generally why I'm always wielding the camera at our house), but she took so many good ones, I can't decide which one I like best.

But First.... Rita's 1st Birthday!
"I got a stuffed eel!"
Before we get to the photos, I just want to give a shout-out to our sweet pup for her first birthday! We have no idea when her birthday actually is, but it's roughly somewhere in the month of June, so we decided it would be June 16. I'll do a full post on her bday later this week, once we have the complete b-day weekend fully documented with photos. (Flying Dutchman tonight will be the culmination of the celebrations!)

She got a stuffed eel, which she seems to enjoy.

Back to the photos...
I'm going to use these in a lot of places - my web site, Facebook, Twitter account, etc. - but the most important one to select is the one for the back of the print version of What the Dog Ate. Wanna help me pick which one goes on the book?

Some of you have already commented on my personal Facebook page, but if you want to help me decide, please leave a comment! (Note - these are not the full resolution versions, so they might look a little grainy here, but they are wonderfully clear in the "real" versions.)

So... we've got three of just me:
Me alone, option 1
Me alone, option2
Me alone, option3
And three with me and Rita:
Me & Rita, 1
Me & Rita,2

Me & Rita, 3
What do you think? I need your help, so please leave a comment with your fave. Which of these says, "This is a nice person. You'll like her book."??


  1. i vote for 'me and rita #3'. sam and mel like it best too.

    charon & spirit gayle

  2. Ok, well, that counts as 3 votes then!

  3. I love me alone #3 a lot but gotta go with me and rita #3.

  4. I love me alone #3 a lot but gotta go with me and rita #3.

  5. Yes to all of the above...but I get this nagging thing in the back of my head saying "doesn't that dog have too many legs?"

    Happy Birthday dear Rita! I would smooch you if you were closer!


  6. These were my 6 top favorites!! :)

  7. All of us say me & Rita #3 (that's 4 humans & 2 dogs- well I'm not so sure Buster understood what we were voting for).

  8. Happy birthday, Rita! I vote for both the #3 ones, I guess. As I said on FB, hard to choose.

  9. Me alone #1 looks very authorly, very typical of what you would see on a book sleeve. But I love the ones with Rita!!! And the black and white is a great picture of both of you.

  10. I'm going to be difficult..I like me & Rita #2 but in black & white. And I'm not really anonymous, I'm redbud from the tripawds site.

  11. It's so hard to choose. I like Me alone #1 but I also like Me and Rita #3. Although, not sure about having 1dog on the cover and then a different dog on the back! Glad it's your decision and not mine! (Princess from Tripawds)

  12. Both black and whites are great! So, is that "Me" and "#3"? I don't want to hit the back button and lose my one sentence! MBRocket says...Make his GF MBunny a star and he'll have an official "rock star" GF!

  13. I vote for the black and white of just you. But I think Lou would choose the b and w of you with Rita. Lou has the same b-day and sends belated wishes to Rita. Afraid he missed out on his usual birthday peanut butter cookie but reports have it that he is happily being spoiled by the girls taking care of him for us. A bientot, Terry

  14. HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY RITA!

  15. Happy Birthday, Rita! You're right; it's hard to choose since they are all very good. I'm a sucker for b&w though, so I would go with either you alone #3 or you and Rita #3.

  16. Wow, they're all great! For you alone I like #3. And for you and Rita,I like #1. Its unique composition really works.
    Happy Birthday to Rita!
    p.s. Good luck with the print version of your book. Contact me if you'd like a review, Brooks does "Brooks Books!"


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