March 11, 2014

Wordless Wednesday: A Chew Review with Words Few

Hope you don't mind me being a weeeee bit wordy to do a quick review of a new bone we tried that Rita really likes - Benebone.

My sis, Reggie's mom, turned me on to these. Rita is very picky, but I ordered one (via Amazon) to give it a try. It was a hit! I like it because it's well-designed and the Y-shape gives her something to hang on to. Rita likes it because it tastes like BACON!

The packaging is great too. I like it because it comes in compostable/recyclable packaging. Rita likes it because it smells like BACON!
The "Be Green" packaging, compostable tray & recyclable lid
Rita photobombs packaging shoot
Rita play-bows packaging
Rita delighted by the smell of the packaging

Rita absconds with packaging

Rita, I don't think this is what they meant by "recycling"...

Other things to like: 
1. The ingredients.
I like that it's just 2 ingredients: bacon and food grade nylon. (Meant for gnawing, not eating, but still a little eaten won't hurt. Use under supervision if you have a radical chewer!) Rita likes that one ingredient is BACON!
This is after 2 weeks and it's just a bit gnawed.
2. Where it's made.
I like that it's made in the USA by a small family company using bacon from the midwest. Rita doesn't care.

3. They give back.
Benebone donates to organizations that promote animal welfare, and they're part of 1% for the Planet. Again, Rita - spoiled and selfish as she is - doesn't care. 

4. They're committed to the customer.
I like that you can return the bone if you're not satisfied. Rita would never return it!

Rita gives Benebone 2 dewclaws up!

NOTE: Pooch Smooches was not compensated, or even asked, to post this review. We just like to share new products we come across that we think are worth sharing!

Thanks to BlogPaws for hosting Wordless Wednesday. (Sorry about all the words...)


  1. Looks like a pawsome chew and good for those nashers Rita. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Wow! I have a feeling those would be very popular at our house! I'll have to look for them!

  3. Looks and sounds great! Love the photo story of Rita and the packaging :-)

  4. Well, if even the packaging is fun then that is one good product! :)

  5. I'm afraid Jack will just eat the whole thing...but I like that packaging!

  6. We are gonna have to check that company out cos Mags and Gussie love to chew on things.
    stella rose

  7. Thanks for this review! Mom is always on the look out for long lasting chews that will keep my interest. I have certain times of the day that I get to have a chew. we have to stay away from potato which alot of the dental chews have so this may definately be an option for me
    Bailey & Hazel too

  8. One of my dogs is part beaver and i am always looking for something that lasts longer than five minutes. This sounds like it would do the trick.

    Does it smell like bacon?

  9. I can see that being a big hit around here.

  10. Thanks for the review! Looks like we might have to give this one a try; you know how much Coco loves to chew!

  11. I love the shape. It looks less likely to pose a choking hazard. Thanks! Bark More, Growl Less Barking from the Bayou!

  12. Bacon sounds good but we can't have those because we break off pieces and eat them and Mom doesn't like that :(

  13. Glad Rita likes the Benebone as much as Reggie does. As strong a chewer as he is, these last him a really, really long time. He leaves little crumbs of it around and then they stick is his very fluffy coat. We call those his "bacon bits" he is saving for later.

  14. Those sound good. I think Rita likes them...even the packaging. :) Great photos....they made me smile!!

  15. Looks like a great product except I think my crazy jaws chewers would demolish it in no Glad Rita liked it so much. Bacon...what is not to like?

  16. I will have to check these out. Tough chews and anything bacon are sure to be a hit around here!

  17. I saw this on Amazon and have decided to give it a try based on your review! Ruby had the Nylabone dinosaur that I had to toss after just a few hours because she started to gnaw off little sharp pieces, so I'm interested to see how this holds up!


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