October 26, 2011

Total Beast & A Big Ampuversary!

I always wanted one of those dogs that gets you. I've had friends who say their dogs are in tune to them - so in tune that when they aren't feeling well (the human, that is) the dog will come over and look lovingly at them, rest their furry little head beside said sick person, and join them in a "medicinal nap." These dogs willingly forfeit their exercise/walk time for the betterment of their human.

I have never had a dog like that. I've always dogs who were like, "What the hell's wrong with you? Get up and take me for a walk!"

Case in point: this Sunday I was not feeling very good. I spent the entire day in my PJs, mostly sitting on the sofa watching football and the Rugby World Cup final. (The football was a bummer; the rugby was way more entertaining.) Anyway, I'm pretty sure that other than the weeks surrounding her diagnosis/amputation, this was the only day in Abby's young life that she did not go for a walk. So, did she come and lie next to me and give me one of those "I love you, Mama, and hope you feel better soon" looks? Um, no. She did this:

Now, Mike didn't want me to post this. He said (a) it shows that our usually sweet girl can be a Total Beast and (b) it shows what a terrible pawrent I am because when she is a TB, I just laugh. I can't help it! I love it when she's a beast. She gets away with murder around here, and we all know it. (I just pity the folks that dog sit her... Sorry Terry, Jon & Lou!) Anyway, we posted the Cujo Cone Puppy video, so I figured we might as well post this one too.

"Mmmmm. Creamy."
I'd been saving an empty peanut butter jar for just such an emergency. It came it quite handy on Sunday. After she licked all the peanut butter out as far as she could reach, I cut the jar in half. Once she licked it clean, she had a great time zinging it around the living room. Hours of entertainment! And we got to stay on the sofa!

In BIG NEWS, this Saturday is Abby's ONE YEAR Ampuversary. Not exactly sure what we will do to celebrate, but I'm sure Fiesta Island and an In-N-Out Flying Dutchman will be involved. We have now officially had Abby longer with cancer (12 months!) than without (11 months). We are proud of our Tripawd Warrior Princess. (Oh, that reminds me - did I tell you guys she is in a book?? And she's in a calendar?? And she should be on another T-shirt soon?? Well, I'll have to do another post about all that in the near future.)

In other news, we have a follow-up at the oncologist this Friday. (I'm taking them a copy of the book Abby's in, which reminds me - I need a rubber stamp so she can 'pawtograph' it for them.) Dr. V. said last time that we would do x-rays again, but I think I might veto that idea. It would be nice to know if the artemisinin is doing it's thing and keeping Boris and Natasha at bay... but on the other hand, if it's bad news, then I don't really want to know. We'll see... I'll let you know what happens.


  1. In case anyone notices that the video is entitled "Toe Eater", I thought I'd explain... Recently in the San Diego news, an old man with neuropathy awoke to find that 3 of his toes had been eaten. (!) When I saw the headline, I pictured German Shepherds or something big with a lot of sharp pointy teeth... turns out it was his Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. (!!) He said he thought the dogs were trying to help. Anyway, now every time we see a CKCS at the beach, Mike points at it and mutters "toe eater." Which always cracks me up.

  2. Indy loves a good PB jar. I have one waiting for a special occasion (read: Mama will be leaving her alone for hours on end). And I also cut it in half after she's gotten as far as she can. She used to zing it around the house, but I've learned to snatch it up before we get to that point.

    Guess Abby was just trying to make sure you were OK by chewing on your toes. She's doing you a favor, really. But I suspect is was more like, let's get these toes in action by going for a walk.

  3. OMD!That video made me laugh so hard! That Abby is so darn cute!

  4. So you were feeling ick this weekend too huh? I had a nasty stomach bug hit me, so I feel your pain. My puppers tried to make me feel better by snuggling in the bed (they're always up for a snuggle)...but snuggling up with mommy and then panting so hard the entire bed bounces is not good for an upset stomach!

    I couldn't do the jar thing, lol! Liz might be okay, but Vito would just eat the jar too! The Jaws of Doom will not be stopped! (Seriously, I have a flattened tin can I'm keeping as a trophy that he chewed shut...dog has scary strong jaws!)

    Anyway, hope you're feeling better and tell Abby that Liz will give her Princessing Lessons if she doesn't straighten up! =P

  5. Abby is the best. I love that video...xoxoox


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