February 23, 2011

Taking a Break

So... after 3 doses of her palladia, Abby got hit by some fairly bad diarrhea starting yesterday. I called Dr. Vancil and he said to skip today's dose. (BTW, someone asked why there were 2 pills in the pic on my previous post - in case you wondered too, it's because she's taking 60mg, which comes as one 50mg pill + a 10mg). Anyway, he said not to worry - he's seen other dogs take a little while to adjust but then do fine on it.

I told him that part of the problem could be the wide variety of things she ate over the long weekend. (What with people handing her treats left and right at the the Canine Cancer Walk Saturday. Plus she got another Flying Dutchman on Monday night... I mean, come on, it was a holiday!... Oh, and there was the salmon I made for her on Sunday... We are bad pawrents...) Anyway, today she is on a bland diet and she seems to be improving in terms of how often she needs to go out. Even w/ the diarrhea, she’s still hungry and still FULL of energy (Monday we went for a 90 min. walk/run at Fiesta Island. 90 minutes!) So overall I’m not too worried about her (yet…). Hoping we’ll just have a little palladia break here for a dose or two, and then be back on it. Hoping that with greater consistency in her diet she’ll adjust a little better to the pills and do well on them.

In related news, I entered this pic of Abby in the Orvis catalog cover contest. (As I've blogged about before, Abby has a cozy "deep dish" Orvis bed, which she loves and I've posted some pics of her in it during her recovery.) There are two different aspects to the contest: one part (for the cover) is just for the Orvis judges to vote on, but the other part is a ‘popularity’ vote to have your dog's pic included on the Orvis site. In order to vote, you have to make at least a $5 donation ($5 = 5 votes), but all the money goes to the Morris Animal Foundation’s Cure Canine Cancer campaign – the same folks behind the Canine Cancer Walk we did. So… if you want to donate money to that cause anyway, please consider donating it via votes for my pretty girl. Click here to Vote for Abby! I know folks hit you up for money probably every other day, so seriously - no worries if you don't wanna/can't donate. Just thought I'd post in case you were interested. Thanks for reading and keeping good thoughts for our girl!


  1. Super cute picture. I voted. Good luck! (P.S. my code word to post was noppucki--which I'm pronouncing no pukey. Let's hope that's the case for Abby.)

  2. That's funny about the 'no pukey'. Yes, No pukey indeed!

    We went for an hour of running & playing at Fiesta Island this a.m. w/ her boxer friend Dakota, and I'm happy to report solid poopage! (Oh, did you not want to know that??)

  3. Relieved to read your comment that Abby is doing better today! Always good when a sick doggy returns to being a "solid citizen."

    Voted for Abby today and then decided to check out some of the competition. Good grief! There's a dog with over 3,000 votes! But none as cute and sweet as our Abby!
    Love, Terry

  4. I just looked too - there's a dog w/ over 8000! Then it drops off to a couple with 3000. I must admit.... that 8000 vote dog is VERY sweet - and the caption is pretty heartbreaking - says it's a pic of the final swim before cancer got her. :( Anyway, it's A LOT of money being raised for a near-and-dear cause so that's good.

  5. OK - I'm getting a little obsessed. Just looked again at the site and Abby is up to the 2nd page in terms of 'unique voters' - Whoohoo! And that's out of 538 pages! (I wonder if they'll do both a monetary winner and a 'unique # of voters' winner?) Anyway, hoorah and thanks to everyone who voted for our girl!

  6. I love that photo of her!
    I might try an iPad drawing of that one!


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