February 18, 2011

OK, It's Only Been 2 Pills, But So Far...

...So good! 

Today, Abby took her second dose of Palladia. Like I said, we have to keep a close eye on her, so here's the checklist:
1. Appetite? Excellent! I just bought her a new flavor of dry kibble yesterday (same grain free brand - Blue Buffalo Wilderness formula - but they were out of her usual salmon flavor, so I bought the duck instead). Normally, she's not super excited about her dry kibble, so we mix some really high quality wet stuff in too (like Newman's Own Organic dog food, which she loves). But today, when I poured the new food into her bin, she stuck her head in and started smacking out. Definitely no loss of appetite with this girl so far. (She is her mother's daughter. If I ever go off my feed, you know something is terribly wrong...)

2. Poop? Solid! Sorry - TMI? But it's the reality of my world - gotta monitor the poops now. I'm actually keeping a little diary about her poop.

3. Energy level? Ridiculous! She is Full. Of. It. She was making me nutty yesterday. Took her for 2 good walk/runs in our hilly neighborhood, plus played some more at home with her toys. Then she was still bugging me while I was trying to do yoga. I'm on the ground, eyes shut, hands on tummy - supposed to be concentrating on my breathing - and she comes over and starts corn-cobbing my hands. (Corn-cobbing is this weird little nibbling thing she does where she runs her tiny front teeth back and forth along your arm/leg/nose, just like she's eating corn on the cob. She's so odd.) Hard to relax when you are being corn-cobbed. 

As for the process, here are some pics.
I have to wear these oh-so-sexy gloves. Powerful stuff.

As you can see, she is not adverse to this process.

"Mmmmmmm. Chemo-meds..."
Thanks for reading. Post at y'all soon. (Oh, my sis and her dog, Lou, and Abby & I signed up for this Canine Cancer Walk that's supposed to happen tomorrow. But the weather forecast is pretty dire. Don't really want to drive the 50 min to get there if it's really going to be pouring down rain, so we will probably skip it - but at least the money will still go to a good cause. If we do manage to make it, I'll bring my camera and post some pics!) 


  1. Sounds good so far! Indy also loves to have pills/PB. Some pills (liver-flavored Interceptor anyone?) she eats straight. Call anything a "treat" or "snack" and down it goes.

  2. So glad to hear Abby is doing well! That's really funny you mention the poop diary; we did the same thing with Max. We also did a food journal on him. It's also funny you mention the "corn-cobbing." Years ago we had a dog named Shadow who did the same thing to us. We always called it "checking for fleas," and/or "grooming" because that's what it reminded us of.
    I'm glad to hear Abby's energy level is high. Max was quite older than Abby (9 years old). He did not show symptoms of his lung mets for a good 3 months after we found them. But that's a cancer dog for you: they are constantly amazing you with how brave and resilient they are. I wish you and Miss Abby the best of luck with this new chemo regimen. I hope to be hearing great updates about her for many many months. Please don't forget to update on Tripawds.com either. I know she's got a lot of fans there, too.


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