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January 3, 2013

Walking the Plank - Not To Be Confused with Planking

It's Mirth Watch Thursday, and today we learn about planking, as opposed to walking the plank.

If you've been around the blog the last couple of months, you know we've been going through a backyard reno project. We've had a fair amount of rain for San Diego lately, so we keep losing days of work here and there and the project seems like it's never going to end. At the same time, the deck we're having built continues to just be a framework that gets sturdier and sturdier. (I swear this deck is going to outlast any apocalypse! It will be the cockroaches, the stashes of uneaten Twinkies, and our deck.)

Anyway, I think it's been weeks now that we've been "walking the plank" to access our backyard from our sliding glass door, as Rita demonstrates in these photos:
(For an added thrill: she's naked in these photos!)