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March 12, 2014

#WOOF: Frustrations and Successes with My Reactive Dog

Today I'm joining the WOOF Support blog hop. WOOF (Working Out Our Fears) Support is where reactive dogs and their owners come together to share similar experiences.

I've mentioned before that Rita has a lot of fears ("Have you seen this man?" - may need to re-run that post some day. It was funny, IMHO, and I think 4 people read it.) and, when on-leash, is reactive to dogs (and motorcycles, and crows, and sudden surprises, etc.). Back when we used to go to the off-leash park, she was fine with most dogs, but on-leash, it's a crap shoot.

If you also have a fearful/reactive dog, well, lucky you! And you may want to read all the posts in the hop, because we're sharing: "Successes, Frustrations and Everything in Between"

July 11, 2013

Mirth Watch Thursday: Educating Rita

I know I mostly only post about how cute and sweet Rita is (and how she hardly ever gets into any mischief, leaving me scrambling for ideas for Monday Mischief posts) but she does have some ... issues. Because of her issues, we started working with a trainer.
95% of the time, a very happy girl & a good walker