May 21, 2015

My Dog Loves Life! #FuelTheCure

Today I'm joining Oz the Terrier and Sugar the Golden Retriever who are hosting the "Loving Life Contest and Fundraiser" along with Zuke's treats to support the Dog and Cat Cancer Fund!

You know that (unfortunately) dog cancer is an issue that Pooch Smooches is passionate about, so I was happy I remembered to participate, because for each blog post in the hop Zuke's will donate $5 to DCCF!

You can join in too - but time is running out as the contest/hop ends May 22. All you need to do is create a post showing your pet loving life and include #FuelTheCure in the title. (Complete rules and info for the contest are here on Oz's site.)

We're also happy to participate because Rita LOVES Zuke's tasty treats and I love that they donate a portion of their sales to DCCF, which helps pet parents afford cancer treatments for their sick furry family members.

So, in the spirit of the hop, here are some pics of Rita loving life and doing some of her favorite things!

Rita loves to go on walks...

...and roll in the grass.

She loves to chew on her stuffies!

And bask in the sun!

She loves to hang out with her cousin, Reg.

And she especially loves to eat treats!!

We hope the hop raises lots of money so other pets can get the treatment they need and keep loving life too! Thanks Zuke's and Sugar and Oz!


  1. Nice. Hope this raises money and awareness. I don't blog and I don't hop, but I think I'll buy Reg some Zuke's treats. Love that pic of those two!

    1. Buying him some treats helps raise money too! (I know - I love that pic too. One of my faves of them.)

  2. Ruby loves Zuke's, too! Great post for a great cause. We are participating, too!

  3. With all those favorites, every day is Rita's favorite day! (Sometimes I envy dogs *sigh* :)

  4. Love the pictures of happy Rita. Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. Just look at that roll in the grass! That is a dog Loving Life right there! Thanks for joining in our contest and fundraiser!!

  6. LOVE the roll in the grass pic! And we love Zukes too!
    Mr Bailey, Hazel & Mabel

  7. The roll is in the grass was great! We joined too.

  8. PAWsome way to enjoy LIFE! of course, gotta have some treats :-) Golden Thanks for sharing and joining FuelTheCure blog hop. Golden Woofs

  9. She is such a nice girl with a great life!

  10. such great photos of Rita loving life, love the roll in the grass photo.

  11. I saw this on another blog! A very worthy cause! Rita you sure do love life :)

  12. Great pictures of Rita loving live. We've lost 4 cats to cancer and anything that can be done to help prevent or treat it is much needed.

  13. Great pictures of Rita enjoying and loving life!

  14. Embrace all that life has to offer, and live like there's no tomorrow. That's what we say here in Doodleville. Looks like Pooch Smooches lives by the same creed!

  15. Rita looks so happy! The pack here agrees that rolling in the grass is the best (except Callie who prefers snow).


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