April 6, 2011

Sleeps & Peeps

Decided to re-do the "Spring" pic from her "good side"
Sleeps: We have not been sleeping well at our house! There's a squirrel or some other critter that has made a nest under our fence and said critter creeps out at night to taunt watch-dog Abby into a barking frenzy. We tried making her sleep in her bed in our room (instead of the Big Comfy Chair in the sunroom, where she usually sleeps) so that she wouldn't be able to see the stupid critter in the wee hours, but somehow she still senses he's out there. She gets up and starts beating on the door to be let out, so we still don't sleep.

Looking unenthused about the process
Last night, though, the three of us all finally slept! I'm not sure if that was because she's succeeded in scaring off the critter (oh, I so hope that's what it is! The people who lived here before didn't have a dog, so obviously the critter population has gotten a little too used to doing whatever the hell they damn well please in our yard. Not anymore!) or if it's because she was also too exhausted to care. Guess we'll see what happens tonight... 

Peeps: Every year my family threatens to enter The Washington Post Peeps Diorama contest, but we poop out when it comes to actually constructing the Peeps diorama. (We do have a good idea and SOME DAY we WILL enter! We even have some stockpiled Peeps, which you can do because they have a shelf life of like 2000 years.) But, in the meantime - since we missed this year's deadline again - I instead entered Abby in the Peeps Fido Contest through Fido Friendly magazine. The contest is not nearly as labor-intensive as the Post one is, and you only have to submit a pic, as opposed to the actual diorama for the Post. As you can see, I made her some bunny ears out of Peeps bunnies. It's not the best pic ever, so I doubt we will win, but it was not easy to get her to wear the Peeps bunny ears (she wanted to eat them...), so this was the best I could do.

That's pretty much all the news. She's continuing to do really well - very much a crazy puppy. I posted some pics below from resent Fiesta Island visits - and I threw in a sunset shot just cuz it was so incredible the other night!

Laughing and having a grand time at Fiesta Island

Again, laughing (or maybe sneezing) amongst the daisies

I just like this one cuz it's sparkly...

If you did a painting like this people would think it was ridiculously gaudy!

Thanks for reading!


  1. 1. Not sure she has a bad side.
    2. Was thinking the other day, that we didn't do our Peep diorama AGAIN.
    3. I am also stockpiling.
    4. I like the sparkly one, too.
    5. God can be so gaudy. Quite beautiful.

  2. I agree about the sparkly one. It's like you airbrushed in those sparkles around her head. And I love the peeps ears. Very cute!

  3. Funny - it does look like I airbrushed in those sparkles. I took the pic wondering if my camera would capture how sparkly it looked - it actually did a pretty good job!

    So, we did not sleep again last night - she was up twice in the night barking her head off. Need to figure out a solution! Would love to just send her out there to scare the thing off, but she barks her head off and it echoes down the whole canyon. Not good!

  4. You could try a trap. They catch them, not kill them.

  5. But then what would I do with it?? Drive it out to the country?


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