April 22, 2011

A Quick Update to Yesterday's Post

My iPad2 camera has a "thermal" setting. Fun, eh?
I talked to Dr. V. this morning, and he said not to worry too much about the bit of blood I spotted... Unless I continue to see it. She hasn't "done her business" yet today, so I guess the diarrhea is under control from the Flagyl (that stuff really works like a charm on her) so that's an improvement anyway. I'm keeping an eye on her, and hopefully she'll be fine again in a day or two. In the meantime, I'm supposed to lay off the chemo pills for a few days until she's fully back to normal, but keep giving her a daily Prilosec to help with any little ulcer she might have in her GI tract. 

I'm wondering if maybe part of the problem is that I varied her routine a little... I'm supposed to mix this probiotic powder into her food at every meal to help keep the GI tract in balance. Well, I'd had it sitting on the counter so that I'd remember, but then my mom was coming to visit so I put it in the cupboard so everything would be clean & pretty, and then of course I kept forgetting to mix it into her food! Hopefully once I start it up again, and get her back on her normal diet (she's on chicken and rice for now) she'll be fine again.

In other news, she's as active as ever. We went to Fiesta Island this morning with her good pal, Dakota the boxer and they raced around like maniacs. She's crashed right now, taking a nap in the best chair in the house. 

In icky news from FI, today Dakota's mom and I threw away a dead mole-ish, rat-like little thing that Abby had picked up and been running around with (AGGGGGHHHH!) yesterday when we went there. It took the two of us, plus a clump of seaweed and 2 poop bags to get the thing under wraps. Eeesh. At least Abby didn't notice it today! [When we got home yesterday and Abby ran to give my mom some kisses, I, uh, didn't mention to Grandma that Abby had previously been carrying a dead mole/rat-like thing around in her mouth.... Um, I think we can keep this just between you and me... No one let her read this! And heck, I still let Abby kiss me!]


  1. Well, the cat is out of the bag (or should I say rat) since I was just reading this aloud to Mom.

  2. Glad to hear Abby's feeling better, and that the Braunschweiger worked for her. I still don't know what the heck it is, but I know Max loved it, and it became a lifesaver for us when he had to have his two weeks of pills after the amputation. I'll be thinking of Abby next Wednesday, and sending positive thoughts her way. I know the Palladia worked well for quite some time for Mackenzie (on Tripawds), so I hope Abby will have just as good (if not better) results.

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