October 29, 2010

Tripawd Update: Check!

Got the call from the vet that Abby made it through surgery fine. If all goes well, we can pick her up in about 2 hours. 

In the meantime, thought I'd post a few pics of her and tell folks who haven't met our sweet pup a little bit about her. 

The first pic is from the day that we brought her home from the shelter, where they were calling her Smooch. It was a good name for her, as she is VERY kissy (thus the name of the blog), but we just couldn't see ourselves calling her that. Instead we named her Abby Louise. (Yes, she has a middle name.) We named her that because it uses all the letters from the name of our sweet beag that we lost last year: Bailey.

She was hard to get decent pictures of as a pup because she was always running around. Finally held still for a photo op the day she climbed into my kitchen cupboard! I guess she thought it was cozy. 

She definitely wouldn't fit in the cupboard anymore. She is a very tall, although very skinny, girl. Here is a picture of her with her cousin, Lou. My sis and her husband were dog-sitting for us and they dubbed the pair of them Stubs & Stilts. Stubs can walk right under Stilts.

It's that skinny little right front leg that is now a goner. (Stupid tumor. Stupid cancer.) We've been telling her she doesn't need it, as it is just a little chicken wing of a thing anyway. Luckily she has a very narrow chest (she's like her Mama - all hips, no chest) so I'm hoping she will be OK with only one stilt there.

Here she is sunning herself yesterday. This shot shows what lovely big ol' ham-hocks she has for back legs. I'm glad one of those bad boys didn't have to come off. They are very strong and muscular and I think she would have missed one of those more than that spindly little front leg. (At least that is what we are telling ourselves.)

As you can see from the photos, Abby is not much of a smiler. Not like our beagle Bailey, who smiled a lot:

Here's one of few pics we have of Abby smiling. It's because she's at her favorite place, Fiesta Island (with the San Diego skyline barely visible there in the background.) Hopefully she'll be able to go back there again soon!

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