October 29, 2010

Dropped Her Off; Feeling Surprisingly Calm

I dropped Abby off this morning for her update-to-tripawdness procedure. I thought I'd be feeling very freaked out about it, but I'm feeling pretty calm. I think there are a couple of reasons for that:
  • This morning she was limping very badly and standing around on 3 legs, so I just keep repeating the tagline on the official Tripawds website: Better to hop on 3 legs than limp on 4!
  • I'm excited about that the fact that just a mere 48 hours ago her lung xray looked clear, so we are moving very quickly to get rid of that nasty big ol' tumor. (OK, and her leg with it, but that's the way it's gotta be.)
  • I can tell that she is oh-so-tired of being doped up. If we weren't doing all this, she would have ended her days being drugged the whole time. Hopefully we are now on the road to her being happy and, maybe within a couple of weeks, off the pain meds.

I know I'm going to probably lose it when we pick her up tonight, and I see her sad, doped up little face and her 15 toes (counting dew claws - she still has her back ones) where there used to be 20, but for now I'm keeping it together. 

Later I'm going to post some pictures of her and also explain the blog name - a little homage to our sweet pup.

(Pardon me while I experiment with my font sizes here. "Small" seems tiny to me and "Normal" seems huge and there's nothing in between... I also can't figure out why the "Follow" button is not showing up. Just lost my blogging virginity yesterday, so still trying to figure out how this all works...)

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