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May 17, 2012

Kamp K9: It's Not "Fat Camp"; It's "Fit Camp"

What? Two posts in two days? It's unheard of around here, but I came across a blog (Kol's Notes) that is doing a "Kamp K9" challenge and I thought Rita and I would join in the fun. Since it starts tomorrow, I wanted to get a little intro post in today.

Kamp K9 (sponsored by Kol's Notes and Peggy's Pet Place) is about fun and fitness with your four-legged friend. (Or three-legged -- little shout-out there to my Tripawds pals.) Each Friday for the next four Fridays, there will be "weekly fitness challenges designed to get us all out and having fun."

Now, Rita is in no way overweight. She's absolutely perfect. Although her vet described her weight as "the high end of optimum." So, still optimum, but he made it sound like if she gained even one pound it would be too much. Momma on the other hand has gone past the high end of optimum. I know I'm probably not considered "overweight" by a BMI calculation or whatever, but I'm definitely into the "low end of regrettable."

Ever since Abby's H.O. (her Hypertrophic Osteopathy, described here) started to curtail her activities back in November, my working out went downhill. My little cardio buddy didn't have it in her anymore, so from the end of November through early January, our usual one hour beach walks turned into 20 - 40 minute beach strolls, where we ambled along, covering a fraction of the distance we'd normally cover. Of course this was also the critical Christmas calorie-crazy and cookie-craving season, so the timing could not have been worse for cutting back on the working out. And I felt guilty going for a walk or run without her. I know that's a little crazy, but I also know that Crazy Dog People will understand that. (Are you a CDP? I am.)

Then when we lost her in January, depression hit and I no longer felt like doing weights or yoga or any of my usual routine. Once we got Rita, I hoped that would help, but we don't walk as fast as Abby and I used to, and I've been lazy about getting back into the weights/yoga.

If you've been following the blog for a while, you'll remember that Abby was very into her fitness routine and all about maintaining her slim super model figure. With Rita, eh... not as much. Don't get me wrong - she loves to hike or play, but she's really all about the eating. (That's my girl!)

She does enjoy a little Downward Facing Dog, but...
...weights? Eh...
So boring!

So, although I'm not saying I'm fat, I am definitely saying that I've gained a few pounds and need to reverse that trend. Last week was great since we were on vacation and hiked every day, but now that we're home again, I need to get back into a routine! Hopefully Kamp K9 will be a fun way to get back into enjoying getting some exercise.

You and your pup can play along too! No need to register or sign up or anything - just find out what the challenges are here or at the sites noted above each week and participate. If you visit this page on the Kol's Notes blog, you can find out about all the fun giveaways related to the Kamp K9 challenge.

This is a Blog Hop
This is my first attempt at a blog hop. Until a couple of days ago, I didn't even know this existed. But basically it's a bunch of bloggers posting about the same topic, so you can click any of the links below and see their posts, and on their post you should also see the same list of links. Hence, hopping from blog to blog. (Damn, the hopping thing would have good to do when Abby was still around. She was an excellent hopper!) Hope this works... Paws crossed. So, here it is, the blog hop: