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October 29, 2010

Our Poor Sweet Frankenpup

So, we ended up not bringing Abby home tonight. The vet called me before we went to get her, to warn me we might want to consider not bringing her home just yet. He said we could come get her, see how she was doing, and if we thought it seemed like more nursing than we could handle, they would help us load her up and then we could take her to the ER hospital for the night. So, that's what we did.

He warned me she looked like Frankenstein's dog - but I thought he meant under the bandages. But, no - there are no bandages! Her big ol' gigantic incision - which looks sorta like one of those radioactive symbols - is just hanging out there. Poor Sweet Pea!

When we saw her we were a little (okay, a lot) freaked out. She wagged her tail when she saw us. She was breathing very heavily - they said from the excitement of seeing us. The vet and the vet tech said it would be better for her to go to the ER since they could keep her on an IV drip for fluids/pain meds and she would be more comfortable, so that's what we did. We will bring her home in the morning, as long as the vet there says she's good to go.

We have to keep her quiet for 2 weeks. She can only go out to potty and has to be on a leash when she goes. She looks so scary, poor little thing. Just in time for Halloween. Going to set her up outside and scare the crap outta the neighborhood kids. 

Mike says we should post a picture of her tomorrow - but it's pretty rough to look it. We'll see. More tomorrow.