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July 11, 2012

The Post I Wasn't Planning To Write

The first half of this post, I wasn't planning to write. But then I did write it. And it's long. But there's lots of pictures. :)

The Six Months Point
Yesterday was the six month anniversary of the day we lost Abby. (Or the day we helped her get fitted for her wings, as I like to think of it.)

I really didn't plan to make a big deal about it. I'd kind of been dreading it, which is silly because why is 5 months and 29 days after we lost her any different than 6 months after? Anyway, I'd planned to get through the day without spending much time dwelling on it.

But Abby had other ideas. She put many little signs in front of me all day yesterday!

Here are a few:

In the morning when Rita and I were heading out for our walk, I pulled Rita's leash and harness out of the drawer - only somehow Abby's old harness came out instead of Rita's walking harness. Of course Rita was very interested in it since it smelled like Abby. (Sometimes I wonder if Rita is thinking, "Where is that other dog that lives here?" since she plays with Abby's old toys and sleeps in Abby's old bed.)

Giggling in the daisies
Pouncing on bugs.
Later in the day I went to leave a comment on someone's blog, and I had to sign in to my Google profile. I've changed my profile pics in almost all of my various social media places to be me/me & Rita now. (It was sad, changing them over, but some folks on Twitter commented on what a pretty dog I had, and I had to explain that she's an angel pup now, and that we have a new dog. I figured it was time for Rita to have the spot light.) Anyway, when I logged in to leave my comment, somehow my old profile pic of Abby's face came up instead of my new pic (the one in the upper right corner here) of me & Rita. Just a little surprise of her face saying hello.

In the afternoon I finally got around to going to Michael's to buy frames for some pictures/paintings I've had sitting in the closet for months. Of course, one of them was the 8X10 of the pic below of our little familial unit, so I was carrying that around the store with me for a long time, looking at my gorgeous girl.

"Let's play!!"

"I'm ready for my close up, Ms. DeMille. I mean, Mama"
Running like a maniac

There were at least three other things too last night, so finally I was, like "Ok, I get it! You want me to pay attention to you and make a fuss!"

All hail the Princess
"Mmmm. Frosty Paws...."
Our girl always was really good at demanding attention! She did it pretty much every night! In the words of that crazy skank from "Fatal Attraction," she was not going to be ignored. No, never. (Carrying on with that "Fatal Attraction" thought for a moment... both Abby and Rita would also probably be really into some bunny stew... But they are not crazy skanks. Ok, they're crazy. But they're not skanks.)
Sparkly girl

"This. Place. Is. Awesome!"

So, that's why I've plastered some of my favorite pics throughout today's post: to remember (and make a fuss over) what a special girl she was.

"Nom nom nom"

And Now For Something Completely Different
"That looks good..."
When we last left Elmo & his Boy, George (hehe, see what I did there?), they were enjoying their spa day. Things got a little hairier on the Fourth. It started out fine during the day, when we enjoyed typical Fourth-type foods, including some watermelon, which George bogarted.

That night, we decided we needed to be home in case Rita was afraid of the fire works. Since this is her first Fourth of July, we weren't really sure how she'd react. You may have seen in the news about the "Big Bay Boom/Bust."

From our living room, it sounded like a rocket ship launching into space. And Rita was OK with that. But not Elmo and George. Nope, they hid under the guest bed and covered their eyes. (Or "eye" in Elmo's case. Notice, though, that he covered the space where his other eye used to be. Old habits...)
They really did have something to fear when Rita came along...

Rita would love it if they could stay forever. ("Forever" meaning until she's done killing them.)

"I'll take this! Thank you."

"I'm going to kill you, Elmo!"

"No, Mama! Must. Kill." "But, Rita, he has another Tour stop!"
Rita in the "MonkeyButt Bunnies - It's All About the Ears" cape
She got a treat for enduring that!
It's time for the boys to get back in their box and head to their next stop. By-bye, Boys. It's been fun. 

Next time...
Stay tuned for lots of news about the book (in print!!! It's HERE - but only available for purchase direct from CreateSpace so far; it'll be at Amazon soon!), and some links to guest posts and whatnot.