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February 6, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: Just Bee(s)

Today, instead of our usual photo(s) for Wordless Wednesday, I've got a video. A dogless video, though. Sorry...(come back tomorrow for doggy video goodness).

You can't actually see the main subject, but hopefully you can hear them:

That's the tree in our front yard. When the hubs went out to get the paper on Saturday morning, he came back in and said, "Come look at this tree." I said, "It's lovely. I can see it through the window." "No, I mean, come listen to this tree." It was actually a wee bit scary, since I've seen swarms of bees flying over the house before - as pictured below:
This is actually taken from inside - I'm not out there w/ them. Thank heaven!
I had JUST come in the house and closed the back sliding glass door, which had previously been standing wide open. I almost had a houseful of unwanted visitors. I like bees, but nobody likes unannounced visitors. (Do they?) Luckily on Saturday, they happily stayed in the tree all day and never tried to come in.

(As usual - I intended to be wordless, but that didn't happen... Maybe next time.)

Happy slightly-less-wordy Wednesday!