May 16, 2012

Reservoir Dog

I usually try to update the blog at least once a week, but we were away last week on a very last minute vacation. Since it was so last minute it was too hard to figure out something to do with Rita, so she went along. And since Rita was coming along, our options were limited to a car trip so we drove 8 hours north to the little one-time gold mining town of Murphys, CA.

A puppy in the poppies
Murphys is in the central Sierra Nevada foothills sort of halfway between Lake Tahoe and Yosemite. It's a cute little town with wineries and nice restaurants. It's nicknamed the "Queen of the Sierra," which seems funny for a town with such a masculine name. Maybe they should change it to "King of the Sierra." Or better yet, the gender neutral "Monarch of the Sierra." But I guess that just doesn't have the same romantic ring to it. ["Where'd you go on vacation?" "Oh, we went to Murphys. It's the Autocrat of the Sierra."] I guess the Murphys PR people know what they are doing. (BTW, I keep wanting to write Murphy's, which is not correct. You can read a funny little story about why there's no apostrophe in Murphys here.)

As you can see, it was lovely. We hiked every day and since it was HOT (mid- to high-80s) we had to always go someplace with water so Rita could stay cool, like New Melones Reservoir. Most of my pics ended up being just of Rita chilling in the water, hence the Reservoir Dog title.
On our first hike, before she got too hot!
Reservoir dog, pic #1
More reservoir dogging
Here she's at least playing fetch-the-stick in the water.
And there were LOTS of geese, including wee babies
...which Rita loved! (And thankfully did not eat.)
Other than that, we chilled at the cabin, on the chaise...
...or the sheep skin rug.

A relaxing time was had by all. Until we had to drive home through Friday afternoon LA traffic. Bleh. Not a great way to end a vacation. Still, it was wonderful to get away! I just hope Rita's not getting too spoiled. She's been with us less than 4 months and this is already her second vacation. Definitely not the norm around here! Now it's back to the grind little puppy! Back to the grind! (Laughable, as she has a totally cushy life. Right now she is sleeping on the sofa after a one hour romp at the beach this a.m. Her work is never done.)

Cinco de Meow Update

Thanks to everyone who voted for Rita in the Cinco de Meow contest that I wrote about last time. We ended up third, which is kinda fitting since three is obviously the lucky number of all Tripawds. Our 3rd place winnings of $50 went to support And Rita got some special lamb and duck treats as payment for her modeling services.


  1. Congrats on the 3 rd place! I love the pic of Rita in the poppies.

  2. Awwww! What adorable pics of Bunny Rita! Never heard of Murphys - sounds wonderful.

    Rocket says: Vegas would have been closer and he could have smooched Rita in person!

  3. Boy, those were some fine looking geese...what fun! The Red Dog feels one can never have too many vacations, by the way. Also, the book is excellent...we finally found some time to dig in, and we're on Chapter 14 & counting!

  4. Poppies. Poppies will put you to sleep. Love that pic. Poppies always say "California" to me. How did Rita do on the drive? Is she now convinced she won't be dumped somewhere?

  5. Rocket - hopefully some day we'll make it over to Vegas so Rita and Rocket can salsa dance together. :)

    Mr. Man - Hooray! Glad you are enjoying the book. Personally, I think Chap 16 is the funniest one, so you have laughs ahead (I hope).

    Kath - yes, I also think poppies say "CA". The only bummer was that most of the poppies in the park were confined to being right along the road (that pic is actually taken from the edge of the parking lot) or surrounding the bathrooms! Not great photo ops... And, yes, she was good in the car. We gave her a few drops of "Rescue Remedy" on a treat before we left and she slept almost the whole 8 hr drive there! She was SO good in the car.


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