November 10, 2011

Keep a Good Thought Please

So, in the last post I mentioned we were trying to decide about doing the next set of X-rays. Well, we decided to go for it. Her appointment is tomorrow at 12:30. Hopefully we'll find that the routine we've been doing (artemisinin/Cytoxan) is working well and keep Boris & Natasha from starting a family/getting fat and happy. If that's the case, we just continue what we are doing. If, on the other hand, things don't look great in there, we'll abandon the current drug/artemisinin routine and try a new drug.

Geez, now I have that Huey Lewis & The News song stuck in my head... We do NOT want a new drug. We want to find that the drugs we are using are working. We'll see...

Please keep a good thought for us tomorrow. I'll let you know what happens. (Just realized I don't even have any new pics of Abby to post. Lame!)

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