July 20, 2011

No Contest

Plotting evil in Ab's lung
Well... the follow up x-ray was not great. The Met formerly known as Lone has (a) gotten bigger and (b) found himself a little buddy, or a girlfriend, or a little sibling, or whatever the hell it is. So we won't be having a "Rename the Lone Met" contest. For now I'm just calling them Boris and Natasha (unless someone has a better suggestion), and even though Natasha was bigger than Boris in Rocky and Bullwinkle, I'm going to think of the bigger met as Boris, since in my opinion he was always the nastier piece of work.

Dr. V. said that it could be worse, and that Abby could still have a decent amount of time left, but it's still not good news. He said he was really not expecting to see another met. He was getting a little red-eyed as well as he told me all this. :( 

He said, overall, considering how crappy and aggressive this disease is, she's still doing good. She feels great still: has great energy and a good appetite (well, as good as it's ever been, which has never been great; she's just not a big eater). Also, her lungs and heart sound really good - no sign of strain on the heart or fluid in the lungs. Her blood work was also fine. He said there is no sign of mets anywhere else in her lungs and Natasha looks to be a chip off Boris (they are sort of nestled right up against each other). And he said that, as mets go, Boris has grown pretty slowly. We first saw Boris back in December, and now 7 months later he's about the size of a golf ball. (That sounds big to me, but Dr. V said that because of where it is, it can get really big before it starts to be a problem.)

Hopefully the new pills (the Artemix, which is the hollistic thing we just started her on last week) will make some difference. We have to give them to her every night and then in 2 months do another x-ray to see if they are helping at all. It could happen that they would make a difference... So all hope is going into that now.

He also said that if we wanted to try to be more aggressive, we could try another type of IV chemo, which would not cure her, but would maybe slow things down. I don't think we'll do that... I think instead we'll hope for the Artemix to do its thing, but I'll have to talk to her pop about that. 

In a bit of good news, the "Dog Days of Summer" contest is going well! Abby is already into triple digits with her votes! Not bad for being in the contest a mere 24 hours. You can vote more than once, so if you have a sec, click on the picture below and vote for her.

In the grand scheme of this fricking disease, I know we've actually been kind of lucky. Some folks don't get to have their doggies with them this long after diagnosis, or don't get to have them be so energetic. It's nice that she still feels fine and her body has no clue that she is sick. Hanging on to that, and hanging on to hope for the Artemix. Come on, Artemix! Do your thing, Artemix!


  1. Ditto what Jean said.

    Terry, Jon & Lou

  2. P.S. There is a dog named Nala on the dog days contest who looks like a little Indy. Just voted for Abby (tho Nala tempted me).

  3. As Doug K says in "The Legacy of Beezer and Boomer," Picture the mets wearing fuzzy slippers and having a time out in a corner. They can do no harm that way!

    I know this stinks. But nobody knows how much time we have on this earth, mets or no mets. All that matters is making the most of each day and embracing the good times. You have become very proficient at that! Keep it up. xoxo

  4. Hmmmm. Took Ab to Fiesta Island today. (She had a great time!) When we left her votes were at like 175. Just got home and she is up over 800! Seems to be a glitch in the system! Wonder what the judges will do about that. (Kath - you may vote for Nala while there is a glitch - but then go back and vote for Abby again! I saw that Nala and she does look like Indy.)

    Anyway, thanks everyone. Thanks Jerry - I need to get my Beezer and Boomer book back out and finish reading it. I took a break when Beezer died. :(

  5. There must be one heck of a glitch in the system, because now Abby is over 2800!!! Tripawd Warrior Girls deserve all the votes!!

  6. Yep! Got a crew of voters working on her. But she will never win...I was paging through some of the competition and saw a dog with over 12000 votes earlier! Clearly we are not the only ones who noticed the glitch! Oh well I don't care if we win. I just want to get her in the paper. Hopefully she is at least in the top ten by now!


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