March 22, 2011

Pills Schmills

So, just like Abby said "Chemo-schmeemo" to her IV chemo a few months ago, she now seems to have a "Pills schmills" attitude to her daily doses of drugs. They really don't seem to be bothering her system much, if at all. (Um, I hope I didn't just jinx us...) She definitely enjoys taking her pills, since they are delivered in a big ol' spoonful of peanut butter. (I am giving them to her in extra big spoonfuls lately because we are on a mission to get a little more meat on her bones. The last few times we've been to the vet, her weight has been just slightly lower each time, and we want to reverse that trend!)

Here she is enjoying Monday's batch of pills:

OK, I admit that it's not the most exciting video ever; it certainly can't compete with the "Guilty Dog" video making the rounds these days (LOVE that video)--but what's not to like about a video of a dog eating peanut butter? 

Not much else to report, so I'll just post a pic I took at Fiesta Island this week, trying to be artsy. I kinda like it:

I also took this one. I don't even know these people, but the flowers and the sky were incredible at FI this weekend. When I get my new iPad2 (my most excellent hubby is getting me an iPad2 for my bday!) and my Brushes app, I might try to do a painting of this - minus the random strangers. I'll probably insert a cute dog, like, oh, maybe Abby, in their place.

Thanks for reading and keeping good thoughts for our girl.


  1. Hi Jackie and Abby. When Max got a little below his regular weight, we supplemented his diet with cottage cheese. He started to get a little wonky about what he would eat, so we would also add delicious cooked ground beef (80/20% or 85/15%) to his regular meals of kibble, freeze-dried raw, and wet food. This seemed to do the trick, and Max packed on a few pounds that got him close to his "fighting" weight. So, you may want to give those things try. Good luck, and we're still sending positive thoughts Abby's way!

  2. Hi Diane - I must have received this message from you telepathically before reading it here, because on our way home from Fiesta Island this morning, I stopped at Vons and bought some of her usual Newman's Own organic beef & liver canned food (which I add to her Blue Wilderness kibble), and then thought, "Hey, cottage cheese!" I bought a big ol' tub of it and stirred some in her breakfast and she snarfed it down! (And lately she's been quite picky and not finishing her breakfast, so I was very pleased.) Thanks again for thinking of our girl. :)

  3. Hi there, I want a big glass of milk after watching her eat that pbutter. Glad she takes her pills so nicely. Hope she keeps up with the eating! Love all the pics and hope to see her again soon. I'm going to have to coordinate a trip to FI with you and take Zeus along. Michelle


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